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Whatever your philosophy, religion or belief it really doesn't matter. As long as you are happy with what you believe in and you practice your belief in a constructive way that promotes compassion and respect. It is not good to use your beliefs against other people who do not share your beliefs and say that your beliefs are the only way and that you are superior - this kind of thinking is dangerous, arrogant, can often lead to destruction and people who do this gave their own beliefs a bad name. It is fine for people to have different beliefs than you as long as they are not doing anything morally wrong. True spirituality is not about being prejudice, self righteous or judgemental, it is about doing the will of the divine which is for us to be compassionate, kind, respectful and spread goodness throughout the world to make the world better, this could be helping out at an animal sanctuary, buying someone hungry a meal etc.
Do not be part of spreading hatred and prejudice. Be part of spreading compassion and respect.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 05/15/17 17:13:35

    I disagree with the first line of this discourse. It does matter what a person's philosophy, religion or belief is. This foundation to human consciousness forms our reality. The idea of a non judgemental approach to beliefs, as such, is very popular among groups that are rooted in social injustice but are self cloaked in the false advertisement of peace and love.

    I have heard this diatribe from Nazi's, pagans, Muslims, animal sacrificing religions and other groups that demand respect but do not deserve it. Each of these groups support totalitarian sociology, speciesism, racism and other agendas that undermine their social acceptance. I invite anyone to visit the Colosseum in Rome, the concentration camps of Germany or a public beheading in Saudi Arabia to see for themselves what truly is at stake.

    What is actually arrogant is the ideology that we should all put aside our intelligence, our wisdom and our knowledge to accept every belief system prima-fascia because they want equality and parity with socially just systems of thinking. Why should we loose our discernment and accept the ideologies of cruelty which are not vegan in their heritage and do not represent anything true nor spiritual?

    Although it is true we must interact with all people in a civil manner, setting a good example even among those that seek to undermine all civility, this does not mean that we should loose our civilization to fraudulent, socially unjust enclaves . This means that we should not accept their dangerous belief systems as morally right when they are not. True spirituality purifies one from such low minded practices as one might find in, for example, the pagan tradition.

    The pagan tradition of the Roman Empire was created with the direct intention from Romulus to Caesar to emulate the prior pagan civilization of Sparta. Sparta supported infanticide, animal sacrifices and the hyper- militarization of its society. When children were born in Sparta, if the father did not want to accept the new born, it was left to starve to death by a river or in a field or to be mauled to death by animals. In the countryside of Sparta one could find rotting baby bodies and child skeletons littered everywhere. The later Roman civilization which grew from the Spartan example also practiced infanticide but added to the equation slavery so that the unwanted children could be sold for a profit.

    Should we accept this sort of thinking a spiritual? Should we grant such beliefs parity in the modern world? What if an infanticide driven pagan helps out at an animal sanctuary? Does this buy such a person acceptability?

    I think Hellhound is once again living up to her namesake and we should evaluate more clearly her contributions.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 05/15/17 18:44:57

    Firstly if Star wishes to respond to my topics she should actually take the time to read what I'm saying first. My second sentence - As long as you are happy with what you believe in and you practice your belief in a constructive way that promotes compassion and respect.
    And my fourth sentence - It is fine for people to have different beliefs than you as long as they are not doing anything morally wrong.
    Does this sound like I'm saying we should accept terrible practices such as animal sacrifice, killing babies and slavery? No, it's saying the opposite!
    Secondly - Islam and paganism do deserve respect and should not be put in the same category as Nazis! There are a lot of good Muslim people and there are many vegan and vegetarian Muslims as well, I have a family member who spent some time in an Islamic religious organization that was for promoting peace and respect. Yes there are many evil people who abuse this religion to in force awful laws but to compare the entire religion to Nazism and say it does not deserve respect is extremely arrogant and prejudice. As for my religion paganism, there are many different pagan groups and yes there some groups that are not as evolved as others but a lot of other groups are full of good people who just want to revive the wisdom of the ancient druids, shamans and witches. To compare this religion to Nazism and say it does not deserve respect is also extremely arrogant!
    Thirdly - I am very sorry Star that you find it easier to rant on about horrible historical events that have nothing to do with real spirituality and use them as an excuse for you're hatred and prejudice instead of accepting that compassion, respect and peace are the true keys to enlightenment. I hope that one day you will no longer feel so much hatred and that you will feel more at peace.
    Blessed be

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    Posted by Hellhound at 10/08/17 17:05:44


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    Posted by marlicious at 10/08/17 18:00:35

    You're right! Religion has a bad reputation nowadays, and while I'm not religious myself what you believe in should be your own choice.Don't hate me for saying this, but even if it's not true, if it makes you happy and fulfills your life, I totally accept your choices and I think others should, too. I can understand why people are religious, it's not as bland and heartless as science tends to be.
    What's wrong is not the religion of any kind itself but extremism. That, and I believe to be the first one to say it, can also happen to atheism. If you're an atheist who can't mind his own business, hates all kind of religious people, and is constantly trying to convince them why their choice is wrong, then you're not a lot better than a fundamentalist.
    Don't hate me, I repeat I'm not religious.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 10/09/17 06:30:58


    Happy to do harm? Does this justify your falsity? You have a lot to learn.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 10/11/17 03:43:31

    Marlicious -
    I totally agree with you.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 08:17:31

    The problem here is that you must define "moral" and "morality" began to lose meaning when people began to eat other the Christian Bible in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were vegan, and consumption of flesh was only allowed after the Great Flood...however, you can talk to just about any McDonald's eating, fossil fuel hogging, narcissistic, delusional far right American "evangelical Christian" who will tell you eating meat and destroying the earth is perfectly fine as long as you aren't gay.

    So this whole business of you saying "as long as you don't do anything immoral" and "as long as you're happy" strikes me as intellectually lazy, morally facile, infantile rationalization, social justice secular humanist crap.

    I think you're well meaning but I kind of agree with Star on this one.

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    Posted by Enchanted at 03/17/18 18:04:08

    Finally, people with sense.

    I promote animal rights and have often said that a true spiritual master should not be eating meat. To have the flesh of a dead slaughtered animal inside you can not be seen as spiritual to me so why should I say "as long as you are happy its fine". I do not think it is fine to take a life.
    This is why many religions I believe are on the wrong path. Lots of religions have such things as animal sacrifice and even human? Most religions promote peace and the common good and I do believe certain religions get unfair bad press. I believe to stop eating meat is the answer. Its a vibration group... and not having the essence of slaughtered flesh inside your body can alter the vibration and mindset for the better.
    Praise and criticism are part of the same coin, to judge is a healthy part of knowledge and wisdom. To judge and criticise something you feel is wrong is a duty. Why do people feel that they have to say things like "we should not judge "
    If someone is stabbing a bull around an arena in Spain in he name of culture and tradition, am I not allowed to say this is disgusting just in case I offend someone....??
    No...I will judge and say its a disgusting and barbaric practice. Just because it may be a tradition..does not make it right friends.

    To me a truly spiritual person does not eat meat. To be truly spiritual is to have love and compassion for all living things...remembering that to criticise is indeed to love also..its a duty.

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