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We, as in humans, use animals as tools.
Can we say we, once we do not partake in using animals as tools?

Looking to the idea of "God" then there is this usage of people as tools. I go to a group where a text states to use our parents as tools for our existence (something I cannot agree with personally although I understand).
To me this reflects 1. that humans will be used as tools for the existence of artificial intelligence and 2. that our abuse of animals is reflecting itself in how we treat ourselves and how the systems we built treat us.

So what if the process of civilization was "sparked" by something? I know at least 27 purposes of life, I think we are like administrators of temporary energy alterations in the material universe (bodies), although we do more than just serve a purpose or fulfill a "job" while here. Its nice to fulfill a "function"/have a job that one enjoys.

Then I can see the universe being used as a tool also. I can see whatever is greater than the universe being used as a tool. I can see God simply being a tool for something even more extreme.

I think we are making quite a difference by choosing not to use beings as tools, remembering that we were born into a world where this is a norm, thereby always improving while not stopping partaking.

I guess we (nature currently on earth) are a self-regulatory system (just like the layer we grew from, pre-evolved-Gaia (indicating the non-civilization aspects of Gaia)) - we will always have to be on the lookout for misuse and viewing beings as tools - even as we traverse the stars, remote regions may arise where this "tool-extremism" may arise.

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