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Imagine if someone were to punish in the hidden for various things.
Now imagine if they had learned from example of that being done to them, spiritually speaking.
Now imagine if it turns out that it is the result of microbiological trails (non-fair trade, contact with fleshfarms etc.) even if this can happen empathically (like meditation events where people feel deep connection)

What if provoked severely, even once ending up harming another in the hidden (classic wifebeaters, child-abusers etc.) - i.e. people in a superior positions abusing their authority - ends up being hooked like a fisherman hooks a fish.

What if such people were to understand microbiological pathways and people were to be enlightened as to the fact of what environmentally "conscious" means - that you are aware of effects where people have not necessarily grown that awareness?

On my end I have recently been contemplating if one can harvest the result of peoples behavior countering the negativity, however what if this results in incitement for that behavior being there still? Creating a lock hindering people from progressing past their negativity much like the abovementioned example?
Lost biology, lost souls, lost cultures - not nice to sell mosquito nets to Africa, very nice to require fair trade to not get harmful microbiology and considering what is consumed for the transportation to happen, while remembering the necessity for microbiological redistribution as well as how much energy it requires for the microbiology to come to you to stay "up to date".

I feel a new danger incoming; "support your local extremity" - something that will harm our ability to heal, globality and the healing micro-biological streams (we need to transform the harmful microbiological transfer paths).

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