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The usage of people as dolls, by the similar nature - the same core - as it is to use beings for other purposes such as energy intake or luxury enjoyment, increases fleshfarming, slavery, non-fair trade and similar.

Any usage of beings, any sacrifice, increases all sacrifice. I have for several years been used through marijuana; since an early age "pacified" from seeking monetary health, from feeling a need for monetary well-functioning. Always forced to rely on others; manipulated and deceived. Not by my parents, that much I am certain of, they fought against this is what I am certain of; right till they had no resources and I was, well, taken over.

By the way, I am also attempted manipulated into not being online by the shaping of my words in this.

What would sacrifice my ability to seek a state of monetary-economic well-being and health? Something to me a threat to be transformed or eradicated; I want to understand the kind of harm that has resulted from such action on global, galactic and universal scales. I can name one: The loss of compassion, including towards stars and planets as life expands into the universe; something that is likely only re-achievable through the learning from the harm that comes from sacrificing people; using people, hindering them from seeking monetary-economic stability and well-being. I have twice been sacrificed to the extent of psychiatric hospitals, animal experimentation-products forced on me for long periods of time and massive suffering, my relations with people I love harmed and soul to an extent corrupted. I always cared so much not to care about money, suppressed with marijuana since I was 15, not something I will continue to care about; on the contrary I will seek to increase caring about economic stability, health, self-sustainability, well-being, hereunder monetary.

It seems to not try to not sacrifice is beneficial - going with how things are - while trying to sacrifice is severely harmful.

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