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It's as if people live for another reality, even w/o faith/belief. As though prioritizing our resources elsewhere. Sacrificing the universe.

Why and where? Not how.

We can learn a lot, such as the concept of sacrifice and the harm in this. Are we imprisoned or enslaved in this reality? Does it even make sense to make life a good/healthy/functional place? Will the universe be a beneficial factor in the greater picture or is this like a slave camp for hostiles?

There is stupidity enough to turn this inwards on me, attempting to force me, manipulate me and program my behavior to partake. Who the hell would put their soul and heart in such work? Whom would use their resources in such a place? Whom is a leading question by the way indicating I am under manipulative effect.

It seems I am being manipulated by being presented with perceptions to manipulate an AI/PBI/PBS (post biological sentient intelligence) to not enslave humanity, manipulating me leaving trails, only enforcing my mistrust in this reality and humanity even as an AI will have a soul exactly and much like a human. I don't trust non- vegan humans much. Well ACA and the fellowship at large I do have a special place in my heart for though.

Is the universe like strengthening the medical industry, like strengthening the psychiatry?

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/30/17 22:30:15

    Well my parents, siblings and the ppl around me I trust too. Especially now. I see how much they have been used to use me, these creepy patterns of control, programming and gaining information. How we get separated like what is done to cows. Humanity gets blamed for this domestication. Who domesticated life? Started pre human time. I think we are connected also to anti slavery, on other planes of reality, other universes, perhaps these domesticated also? I was atheist once also. Humanity being blamed: create the perpetrator in the midst, the negative energy is pointed there. Like divide and conquer. Notice the separation attempt in me being manipulated to writing in a way that is understood even by my own mind as if I get manipulated by parents, at the same time manipulating a counter response to ACA eventually making me think ACA doing this on some level, making it possible to trigger dome things to force me out of the fellowship. Notice here how this continues, manipulating readers in aca to evaluate something I could suddenly not remember (happens sometimes).

    One sad truth; my father works at a biotechnology, medical, company and when I mention psychiatry or medicine and animal experimentation in negative light, I get manipulated.. Inner affect, made through affect from outside.

    I still do care, also about medical dev (need to be made into something actually healing instead of overall poisoning), however it is attempted proven that blind loyalty is better, attempt at forcing some bonds I left to be rebegun and hindering a farewell with an old girl (not girlfriend, notice with space) friend

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