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Anything and everything can be "milked":

Rationality, patterns of thought, feelings, responses to intuition, writing, tiny video sequences made in larger movies to be strung together later on, knowledge, experience, stories, knowhow, methods, way of reading, communicative patterns, movement patterns, acting, manipulative methods, control and ability to maintain order, directing events and so forth.

Situations, circumstances, sequences of events are all produceable; spiritually happening often - "coincidences" - useful for generating feelings, perceptions, ideas and opinions to control events.

If it works it works, if its beneficial its so, if its healthy the same.

Two rights:
1. Producing in terms of how its harmful.
2. Decreasing your own participation.

The systems we build around ourselves, spiritual and material.
The opportunity cost to not doing also is a burden; life is not as simple as choosing not to partake. Resources are used on every single life; resources that would be used elsewhere, cant waste those resources...

Everyone gets milked; even vegans even if a lot less so - indirect consumption...

Harvest is severely harmful. Drinking milk... How much unnecessary plant material? Eating flesh? How much unnecessary plant material? We dont even need it like they did in the old days. It does not help to deny the world, the opportunity cost - however we have no need for flesh, milk or all these things everywhere - I am happy we have the internet!

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/13/17 12:24:14

    You should see how much it can bring to separate a couple and cause strife, its quite extreme the energy and effort used - whether productively or attempts at harming (useful also).

    Use me or help me; I can use both - the intent I respond with however matters. Attempts at generating false gratefulness is met with force; it destroys the trust in a quite important system. Something necessary for us all and progressing past this situation of weakness (just look at how little trust there is in the world; what do two people need to do to be able to work together in a kitchen? Trust each other; one the knife the other the pan - for efficient collaboration they need to have true trust and not use their resources on securing themselves or unable to turn their backs to each other) - as such it is an inefficient and weak group that does not have trust.

    Now how do you feel about groups performing experimentation on beings, only to force the products on people not wanting this? Jailing them, harming the entire world?

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/18/17 14:37:34


    Schizophrenic thought production: Imagine horses pulling a mind apart;

    Various equally important points on a subject arise in a person.
    These constantly conflict with each other, the person prioritizing one over the other.
    This creates a "field" in the middle of the "poles of reasoning" that generates comprehension of various kinds.

    Vegan dentistry:
    - Not sacrificing animals is important.
    - Not causing a loss of value of oneself is important.
    - Can one travel and find a dentist?
    - Can the need be overcome by a far superior diet and microbiological fauna through superior lifestyle?
    - Not using non-fair trade products is important.

    A harm stemming from this production method is the arisal of various polarities - not necessarily two only. With enough different such thoughts produced, several patterned thoughts can arise; becoming like several horses dragging the consciousness apart.

    To above: Both extremist compassion and the forcible upholding of these points of integrity can cause a person to grow these different aspects; entering a "schizophrenic" state of mind where there are several major patterns of thought constantly pitting against each other; generating thoughts that may be of high value

    (think Einstein, Van Gogh, Davinci and those kinds of types) however consider how sufferable this is and how harmful thoughts come to be as a product of this as well; whether said or not.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/18/17 14:53:32

    Some examples of what I have been pitted between, since 2010-11:

    Hierarchies vs romance (male proving to be strong)
    "Experimentialism vs traditionality"
    Limitation vs freedom

    Growing vs doing
    Enabling vs self-sustainable enablement
    Hell and heaven
    Holy and unholy

    Metaphysical and material
    Life and beyond life (our metaphysical existence)

    Closed source and open source

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/21/17 13:31:27

    What I mention above is using people as computers and calculative entities. Using beings. Its nice to be vegan (vegetarian is also quite nice)... Just is sort of important, to not build on the collective pattern of such things being done.

    By the way, if you corrupt someone intentionally to be able to send them to another place where they would be recycled and used for a different purpose; destroying them further/pacifying them/shutting them down, how would you go about that?

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/23/17 18:33:41

    I have this keyboard I have been trying to sell, I told my parents over a skype conversation (despite me not wanting to install skype and it being manipulated forth to happen).
    My father, the very same day had been thinking about how important a numpad was; my keyboard has a numpad.

    I was thinking, before receiving this text-viral email from my mother (creepy, heavily manipulative and activating various patterns of thinking in my mind, brainmanipulating/washing), that perhaps there was some kind of misuse on some weird level involved of my family; creating a microbiological link of sorts.
    Its a keyboard and I have been writing many things on that keyboard, with a particular thinking meanwhile, meaning a specific growth and activation of sorrounding microbiology.
    It also has danish letters; something that will invoke a particular thinking in my dad and similarly activate microbiology in a specific way.

    Perhaps it was wanted to gain that microbiology, to get it transferred in some way? The item has been back and forth some times.
    I'm not pointing/unpointing at my father nor mother.
    My parents live in a different part of the world.

    I get this feeling that the misuse of people as IT wizards, blog slaves, commenters and similar, hindered in living their lives and kept in front of computers to program and so forth, is going to be not worth it in a really unwanted way.
    Misusing beings just does not work...

    There is also the hindrance of me writing things like this online in this, perhaps not using people - instead enabling their lives - may be more worth it?

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