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I have had this not so nice experience of principles of minimalism, non-waste, veganism, paying rent on time, paying for myself etc. misused to jail and lock me from doing things I wanted and looked forward to.

This means that taking upon such principles is something people are afraid of; they would lose the ability to leave somewhere - even if in smaller scale than what I experienced (I was considering jumping on a plane to South America yesterday evening).

People are afraid to begin doing "right" - with one comes the next; upon starting the journey it becomes a way of life - misusing that harms life severely.

I was in 2016 "kept controllable" using my honesty and that even in thought I did not reply/respond by producing untruth, this was in thought.
This was on some empathic level (consider how empathy works) against me, spiritually - this still goes on unconsciously. Although I broke with this upon being forcibly held back at a psychiatric facility whom I attempted to trust; lying to avoid being abused and forcibly medicated, saying that I wanted medication while it was being contemplated whether to force it on me permanently or not (I broke? 10 people standing in a room forcing injection upon you, them looking with crying eyes; I cried when they did that, and I can stand a lot; that was worse than what I went through):

The effects you would not feel very good upon seeing, yet they are important. To my experience we are hindered often on spiritual levels, more so than materially.
Since then I have experienced being enslaved for the spotting of various horrible methods happening around the world, on deeper levels - the danger in this, much like with conspiracy theories, is constructing methods that are not already there - the danger in sharing this is being hindered in looking at what is there. I cant just close my eyes to fleshfarms because I do not want to make fleshfarming happen...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/30/17 13:01:20

    I have probably managed to pain myself as insane yet again, typically happens. Its a product of insanity; the trauma having arisen from the mentioned hospitalization.

    I even became partially blind for a month while in there, materially - the medication.

    I denied medication due to it involving animal experimentation and the production of more of the same. I have gotten off of it and am healing again, I already feel a lot better. I had to take it for half a year to get off of it, day in and day out looking at those pills with disgust, knowing I had to take them to not actually go insane due to the extreme change in brainchemistry.

    People are afraid to open up to psychologists, something increasing insanity massively, as a result of these psychiatric facilities. Places referred to as hospitals, also decreasing the trust in normal hospitals.

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