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My mother is one out of four people I care the most for in this world.
The psychiatry has exposed me to rather horrible things, traumatized me in ways somewhat worse than what a cow going through a slaughterhouse experiences (or brings with it to a post-life existence in case of such thinking).
She is going to meetings supportive for people whom are "mentally ill", hosted largely by the psychiatry, due to me.

Now how do you think I feel about this depth of betrayal? About her being tempted to go there by this institution referred to as a carer for people lacking mental health? They claim mental health supremacy, yet they are not vegan nor even promote veganism. They fill people with drugs produced through animal experimentation. Where is the health in that? I would say they are one of the main contributors to insanity on this planet. A major provider of the lacking connection between people causing individuals to want to smoke hash, to take heroin and disappear in whiskey in order to survive. If evil exists, the psychiatry is worse, yet I do not believe in something as stupid as "good" and "evil".

Imagine how this experience, this situation, increases the growth of psychopathy in my soul, in my being? To me this "Nami" group is something to be remove and eliminated as though was it a cancer; keeping individuals locked in the illusion of their wrongdoing and hindering both peers from responsibility as well as hindering them from seeing that perhaps environmental variables may be a factor in their situation; such as going vegan, eating "ecologically", being minimalist, laying off that sugar and of course the illegal substances.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/11/17 15:23:46

    As well as support your local and fair trade.
    Just thinking about the microbial stress all these factors bring to a person.

    Now try to consider the pattern of racism and how this is increased by for example arguments pro-political-racism and similar; consider the effect this has on the broad growth of veganism, that the importance of environmental and peer factors is suppressed by people in these "Nami" groups.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/11/17 17:08:25

    Pondered how easy it is to change the right environmental factors to trigger a specific way of thinking in a person? Its quite possible to do so to bring forth a wanted response, feeling, interest or perception (even if only temporary). While dating we do so all the time; a scenery, specific chemical inducers and similar.

    Now imagine the threat the psychiatry in its current form is; considering spirituality its too easy to direct someone into such a place to bring forth a particular thought/feeling/idea; something that is then usable to generate a communicative pattern which in turn can be used to generate a particular perception and resultingly a desired situation.

    Medication is sort of dangerous, it seemingly suppresses things however from experience I can tell you those things keep happening only on levels where the eye typically cant follow: A lot like how eggs come to be and that people just see whats in the stores (something comprehensible only to people whom are vegan or similar (those that see go vegan or engage in fair trade etc.).

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    Posted by Hellhound at 10/12/17 05:17:26

    This is very true. In my own life I have had in counters with psychiatrists who have contributed to messing my life up with sham 'assessments'. Most don't even know how to understand reason or what people might be going though. Instead they just follow what their stupid little books say. Then of course there is the problem of the cruelty of animals that the 'medication' is tested on. Sickening!

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