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Jesus... that story of Jesus. According to what he was made up to be he can’t have been carnist as said.
By the way; water to wine is easy, just need some seeds (any MJ addict knows that).

He might not have had issues with alcohol if he drank wine himself...

Does not fit with the depiction. Why? Impossibility unless he did extremely right on a host of other points, we all have our faults.

If he really asked for a lamb to be slaughtered you know why the cross... I am not a follower of a carnist (you may here see a major blockage for veganism).

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 12/14/17 11:37:30

    I read and respect your words and opinion, but do not agree with it. Judge not, yet he be judged. Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone. Good words to live by. One doesn't have to be religious to live in sync with these words. I am spiritual and I prefer to try to respect all life and beings, vegan or otherwise. Thank you.

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    Posted by RichMoly at 12/14/17 12:41:21

    Early historians note that Jesus' brother James was a vegetarian from birth, so it stands to reason that Jesus would be too.

    If lamb had been eaten at the Last Supper, it would feature in Christian religious practices, instead we have bread as the body of (the) Christ.

    In the feeding of the five thousand, 'fish' is a miss-translation of fishweed, a sun-dried seaweed still eaten in the region today; but unknown to Western scribes.

    Also, the term 'meat' originally meant ALL food, but has since been 'hijacked'! Just as Mr Diesel's name was used by the oil industry to sell fuel, whilst he himself ran his first engines on peanut oil...

    For a good source of info, see

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 12/14/17 13:41:07

    Thank you Rich for that great info. I learn new things every day. As you have written and how I understand it, the words and their meanings have to be understood from a historical perspective and the meaning of the word at the time. I know many Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and other denominational people. And with Christians, the bible always comes up in conversations about how I should be eating meat, because the bible references it. This will help me provide new information to share. Thanks for the post.

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