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So considering the deathcount in human bodies, now and thinking ahead, which do you think is largest?

A terrorist (including the amount of fear generated and how this decreases resources in people and lands securing themselves, otherwise usable for for example switching to a vegan lifestyle?)

The fleshdevourer + non-fair trade etc.; imagine the fear animals feel and how this affects us - where this does not affect us it is because we disconnect from the rest of life (suppressing a large part of ourselves), imagine how much this lowers our resources (to for example counter terrorism and heal from fear).
The fair trade I draw in for the sake of relateability; Imagine how scary it is for a family with no other possibilities than factory work in a poor area, to be making completely useless things, even harmful to people, simply because there is a like of "stuff"? Imagine how scary the western consumers indifference is, how inhumane this must be experienced as. Now put that relative to the fear generated by the casual terrorist...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/01/17 11:39:44

    Not to mention the bad cycle you see above in resource drain and inability to counter the negative effects as well as alter the situation due to the drain - how one negative growth grows the next negative growth. The negative spiral. The malmstroem - I ponder when the bottom is hit? I think the bottom is a microbiological outbreak, or several. After all - we are already making quite resistant microbes in those fleshfarms. I ponder what happens in those factories where massive amounts of rather unhealthy cleaning products are used? What grows there? What cultures learn to survive, the like slime sticks and travels all the way to the consumers hands, the store, the airplane where it affects the other goods?

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