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There are no metaphors used in this text

If life spreads to the rest of the universe currently, what will happen?
Look at how inhumane we are, how we were inspired to grow, messing up our growth path and how we are treating each other (look at cows and frankly humans in psychiatric hospitals and to especially mention those cockroaches turned into robot-toys).

I understand that the universe is a system, life is a new layer of that system, however what do you think will happen? What will the product be in how stars, other planets and galaxies are treated/interacted with?

One of the purposes of life is material redistribution; moving matter from one location to the other - moving complex molecular structures from one solar environment to another.

The way we are inspired to treat each other, the way life is unfolding, how do you think we will treat stars, planets and moons - which share a fundamental equality with "beings" as a unique existence that is something akin to alive?
Its much like the fact that when we treat people sickly in psychiatric institutions or animals sickly (farming them for example) this affect goes both ways; one form of mistreatment fuels all the other.
We will be violating stellar bodies/life/unique-beings/akin-to-alive-systems. We were messed up in our growth; I still trace it back to before humanity where our evolutionary path were altered to becoming flesh-ingesting resulting in tech-able life to spread to winter regions faster; resulting in a technological burst however also fleshfarms and all the horror following.

I do not mind a wolf eating a deer, not even a human hunting with spear (back then, not possible today), however farming and hunting with guns when unnecessary? That aint self-regulation; being attacked by a lion/wolf/sabertooth tiger and eaten is not that bad... Thats "just a part of life", however what beings on earth/"in life" go through today.... It will manifest itself in the rest of the universe.

However we have the issue of having used and being using our stored energy repositories (oil, coal etc.) and may have passed the line of no return; it may take hundreds of millions of years to rebuild these energy storages.

By the way, this is not intuitive writing.
There is also the sad fact that the galaxy is in need of us; life is a layer necessary - I am unaware of whether it is an immediate requirement, whether it will harm, whether it is a question of opportunity cost, whether it simply is a matter of "I was looking forward to getting started" or what is entailed.

Personal opinion:
We need to overcome the in"humane" (insentient) treatment of any and all beings (highest good of all individuals), however we cant end our growth or cease the progression to the space-stage. I was setting some things in motion however this was halted and is unlikely to be possible anymore; the advantage of starting without (excessively) harmful factors being involved was lost - it is now fully known by various unhealthy factors on non-material planes that manipulate me massively, various interests in controlling; desires and fears generated in me (especially the latter) over the past 2 years. I have switched to a different tactic/approach.


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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/12/17 20:10:31

    I have been working on this situation and contemplating it increasingly since 2011 where I begun with noticing that its all too screwed up and that something really needs to be done (mainly that I did not want to put children in the world as it was without creating a better circumstance (since I have learned of eco villages)).

    I thought on partial resets; both intended and simply letting it happen (the last I advocated for quite a while and still do; microbiologically speaking we are screwed... No reason to focus on quarantine development; it will only worsen and extend the suffering. I work towards what comes after this "just letting it happen"-situation; not from an eco-village angle though (more mass-collaboration, internet and infrastructure continuation). I think the worst that can happen is that we hinder this partial reset, thats when it really gets ugly (females wombs used for the production of bio-protection that children are born with; harvested (perhaps AI?). Also a reason for this to be written on a vegan forum, with all the other texts I have written in case of it being found in the future.... (Microbiology + ...) - it is necessary to speak about.

    The past year I have been contemplating that a reset to oceanic stages might make sense, however I have learned that the microbiology (and deeper) does not disappear.... Every single hour, second, life has to be made it up for.
    It is also as simple as the need to be able to transform unknown microbiology/similar/affect on our own (alien life) into something positive. We will be able to do this biotechnologically at some point, however mental and spirit-recycling makes sense.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/13/17 14:52:53

    A rather small and insignificant issue relatively speaking; the Amish seems to be a major cause of Trump. Sadly they hinder from going beyond milking and fleshfarming, in wintery regions and as things are in non-wintery regions as well. Their denial of technology is a hindrance of the purposes of life and getting past above mentioned issue. I have some personal anger at them also, I hope this does not color the situation.

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