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If you walk, hike, jog, run, swim or simply suffer at any exercise trying to slowly progress in your endeavor to gain some benefit, here is a technique that is simple, easy, involves nothing to ingest and will reap exponential benefits. It is an ancient technique that goes back to the origins of known written history. Best of all, it is completely vegan.

Ask any athlete or trainer, the mind is the biggest obstacle to gaining improvement and success in any workout routine. Overcome the mind and there is no pain and no limit to progress. Of course, the mind being filled with attachments, programed patterns that are self-defeating and a generally undisciplined wandering constitution, it is indeed very tough to overcome.

This technique is not limited to exercise, but may be implemented in all life activities.

Try it once and see the improvement.

The technique? Chanting.

This is a simple non-religious, nonsectarian beautiful piece of ancient poetry to start with that originated around the 12th century by the then Dalai Lama.

“The Gem Is In The Lotus.”

This vegan phrase is harmless and yet it references a very mystical, deep, and profound hidden meaning. In Sanskrit, this phrase goes like this:

“Om Mani Padme Hum.”

To use this mantra when walking, running or swimming etc., simply use one syllable per step or per stroke in the pool. Om, Mah, Nee, Pahd, Meh, Hoom (written phonetically). If you start with your right foot, you will end with your left foot so you can then begin again. If you wish to switch feet, simply skip the Om once and it will then begin on the opposite foot and end suchlike as well.

All Mantras works this way. Why? Because, most Mantras were developed at a time in history before the advent of cars, planes, and trains and so everyone walked. And because everyone walked, they needed a little help when the hill was steep or the load was heavy.

There are literally millions of Mantras available found on the web, on YouTube, in books and in temples. There are Hindu Mantras, Buddhist Mantras and Jain Mantras and since there is no ingesting of any substance involved, this process is entirely vegan.

Another great Mantra is “Vegan Awakening” or in Sanskrit,

“Om Vegan Buddha.”

For walking, hiking, jogging etc., simply use each syllable as follows,

Om, Vee, Gan, Boo, Dah (written phonetically).

Not only will your workout improve, but your mind will get very clear, and you will gain mental balance, strength, and discipline. Because these Mantras (Mantram in Sanskrit for the plural) exist to reconnect people with the beauty, majesty, and goodness of life, you may be surprised to see your entire life improve.

There are long Mantram, Short Mantram and everything in between. There are non-religious, nonsectarian Mantram, and there are religious Mantram. There are Mantram for personal gain, and there are Mantram to help the world. I suggest that one finds the translation and meaning of any Mantra employed, and agree with its meaning first. Have at least five Mantram ready if you swim or walk for the good part of an hour or more.

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