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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Spiritual ReIncarnation
Lectures since 1993

Like all reincarnation, we have crossed paths many times with each other..everyone in this world.
The one's that you connected with and/or have been involved with are more likely the most recent past life with or had a very strong connection from your past lives.

We reincarnate in many living forms from human, to cow, to twig, to rock, etc.

It takes a while for us to be reincarnated in human forms but because this earth is quite old and have been around for a very long time, we had many times to be reincarnated in human forms a few many times.

However, being an old soul, it means I have been reincarnated in human forms not only many times, but much more times than an average human so basically right after another a few million times.

***Monk update Jan.2009 in Vancouver, BC Canada****************

Monk had pointed out that by practicing a herbivore lifestyle will grant us a higher chance of being reincarnated into human form than any other form especially animal because by eating animal products, you will harbour those animal energy permitting you to reincarnate as that particular animal or animals.

Being a herbivore will reincarnate us more as a piece of grass or vegetable? Highly doubt it as Plant life are in a different plane of energy than human and animal forms.
Plant life is a pre-mature of a full structure of the life tree.
Animals and humans are full fledge top pyramid of life where we have graduated to the top of full growth.
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    Posted by CandyKisses at 10/13/10 14:43:22

    I found within the past few years that animals do have souls,other wise when we humans take our pets to the vets,to be healed why do they think they are going to be put to sleep? and how do they know that the injection to put them to sleep is very painful? I had a sweet kitty I bought from a shelter,she was very sick but she watched my every move,kept her eyes right on my hands.When I took her to the see if there might be any treatments to help her get well,she meowed all the way up and back again,she then found she was back home safely and came to sit with my husband and I,so thankful she wasn't put to sleep,it was if she was saying I call the shots when I am to be put to sleep,finally the last day of her severe illness & weakness she no longer cried when we had to put her to sleep because I knew her pain was worse.She was a true blue fighter to the very end.My baby girl Zoey....

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/03/13 10:22:09

    There are countless books written on God, the afterlife, re-incarnation etc., and many of which are impregnated with religious doctrines and teachings. Some of us old timers look back on our lives and ask 'What the heck have we done?''Have we achieved anything of note?' 'What truths have we learned about ourselves and about life in partricular?' I guess that my search for truth started even pre-school. Yes I can remember back that far, indeed I have vivid recollections going well back to before I could even walk or speak and remember some of my parents' exact works – uttered in my presence, they wrongly assuming that I could not comprehend. Even from that time I could see birds and animals which were unseen to both my parents and everyone else around. But I soon learned not to speak of them. I rationalised matters by thinking that I was not human, and until the age off eleven years had a morbid fear that if I were ever to need an operation the doctors would open me up and discover my secret.On attending secondary school at eleven years I then had access to adult library facilities and began not only a book study of religion, metaphysics, philosophy etc. but also undertook a round robin of every church I could find locally. At the age of sixteen years I travelled further afield by motorcycle in search of 'truth.' That search continued for fifty years and still continues.In essence I suppose that I became obsessive about the possibility of human and animal spirit and any afterlife there might be. Rather strangely even though I could see spirit I did not regard it as being real and sought a 'more rational' explanation. I guess that notwithstanding my searchings I was a scientist by nature, and tended to scoff at anything unproveable by science. Most religious teachings I studied were never enough to convert me into any particular faith.So what kept and keeps me going for the last fifty years? A number of things. In the early years it was a few messages given to me by spiritualist mediums which could not be explained away other than by the acceptance of life after death. I will cite but one example, not that it is world shaking:I visited a new town and attended a spiritualist church where no-one knew me, not least the medium. She informed me that my late father was speaking to her. He had been a carpenter and he took great care of all his tools and indeed had built custom chests to keep them in, where each tool had its own slot. She told me that he was agitated due to the fact that just before he suddenly died he had left some of his tools in one of his his uncle's outbuildings and that they had not been recovered. I knew nothing about him undertaking work for his uncle, and at a place that I had never visited.The rest can be guessed: I visited the place, the tools were exactly in the place described, recovered, and the spaces in the tool chests neatly filled. Things got more interesting as time and decades passed: I got into meditation, trained in mediumship and healing and even ran a mediumship development group for several years but not exactly by choice! I travelled all over the place on my motorcycle and one evening after dark arrived in a new town at a spiritulist church visited for the first time. The service was about to start so I crept in and quitely sat in the rear row of seats. A man several rows forward glanced over his shoulder. I instantly caught his eye whereupon he jumped up like a scolded cat, stared at me, pointed, and then gasping shouted "It's him, it's him!"I looked over my shoulder acutely embarrassed. By now eighty or more people were staring at me. "I'm sorry, you're mistaken, it's not me…..I didn't do it (whatever it was) and I'm sorry if my outrageous clothing offends you." I stammered.The expleter came over to me shook my hand vigorously and explained that his development group had been told by a deceased communicator that a new leader would soon arrive via that church and that he would creep in and be wearing outrageous hippy clothing. Unfortunately there were no other hippies present so I landed myself an impossible to refuse (unpaid) job.Nowadays it has been many years since I have practised mediumship (and never was a penny earned) and in more recent times qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist. I was / am interested in past life regression and found it interesting how individuals who knew nothing about let us say 'other dimensions' revealed past lives in villages and places that they had never before heard of. And places and individuals mentioned by them were, following subsequent research, established to exist / have existed. The most conclusive evidence (insofar as any evidence can be regarded as being 'conclusive' without experiencing it first hand) is contained within the books of Michael Newton PH.D. (California) a counselling psychologist, master hypnotherapist, and teacher for over forty years. Dr. Newton regressed many hundreds of patients (most of whom were virgin to such matters) and discovered remarkably similar accounts of re-incarnation and life in the spirit world. Dr. Newton's work tends to centre on the time spent in the spirit world by his patients inbetween incarnating. He has called this 'life between lives' and his books are 'Destiny of Souls,' 'Life between Lives,' and 'Journey of Souls.' He may have also written other books, but those are the only ones I have.Neither Dr. Newton or myself are church affiliated, but the closest church to our research and findings has to be spiritualist. My own findings have never been published, except in the form of channelled poetry and, strange as it may seem, this is the very first time I have so referred to my own background. Not even to my children.All of this rambling aside, fundamentally I remain personally alientated to formal religion and believe that everyone should discover their own pathway, but if a person needs the trappings of religion then all well and good so long as it harms no-one. The main thing my life has taught me is that no-one, nor any church, has a monopoly on truth or control of the sole pathway to salvation. Whatever that means. Finally, a line floats into my head from many years ago. A line on which to end this discourse:"Read, search, meditate and sift the wheat from the chaff.And if anything offends your sensibilities then reject it."If any of the above offends then reject it. Whilst it was all true for me it was my own discovery. Everyone has their own individual path and individual discoveries to find. Good luck with yours.

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    Posted by groovychick at 03/30/13 11:57:03

    Many Indian religions such as Hinduism and Jainism believe in reincarnation so many of them do not eat meat for fear of eating the soul of a deceased family member or friend. Some Taoists in Asia believe that if you eat an animal, the dead animal would come and talk to you in its next life. I heard that a lot of priests in western religion disposed of the idea of reincarnation in their religion for fear of people not taking this life seriously enough. Many western religions also do not encourage vegetarianism.

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