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A thing I have been put through is the design of a rather advanced indicator system.
However this spiritual system has been designed with something akin to a killswitch, only worse;
Upon doing "wrong" in specific ways, the result is that that the system becomes corrupt from within, triggering external indications through body and likely text, activating various collective systems resulting in me going to a psychiatric "hospital", or as it would be used, a breaking/destruction/recycling/elimination facility.

This would involve not only animal experimentation in the medication used, inhumane treatment (already experienced once) and a behavior towards humans that decreases our empathy and on collective levels increases not only fleshfarming, harmful treatment of humans and thus, much like political racism results in racism, harmful treatment of animals.

There are much worse things than death.
The issue is that not only since I know that this involves severe harm and is more harmful to me than death, that I am essentially enslaved by this spiritech.

Psychiatry and psychologists across Massachussetts, USA (vincinity of MIT) and Denmark are involved factors - half year intervals switching between the two areas between 2010-2016.

I request that you do not find this insane sounding, rather evaluate it for possibility and then lay it off as uncertain if you cannot conclude the reality of this.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/20/17 12:42:54

    Added note: During the period I used the angel number system a lot as well, however only recently did I begin using random number generation.

    By the way, the email is h o rng, not horn g or similar
    Its like angel numbers + Random Number Generation =}

    Extra added note: It feels like this was a very well designed system, however with certain affect over it while I was designing it. Intended to balance censorship with the situation in China.

    Extra extra added note: The design is made as a part of a project I began with no known or anonymous affiliations, however intended to be inspirational for situations exactly like that of China.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/20/17 14:11:23

    Here the discrediting would typically be, as well as throughout the entire first part, however it seems working out and writing about the right things... (there was some attempted added thing, hence the ...).

    To elaborate on the various collective systems:
    Responses by the entire culture
    Responses by people around you
    Responses by family
    Responses by friends
    Responses by workplace etc.

    Responses provoked; it is rather hard to resist social conditioning as you probably all know; say someone is stupid enough long enough and they begin believing it themselves.

    I have seen people going to psychiatric "caretaking" seemingly carrying this standard style of dress, albeit I designed this system myself it seems somewhat similar to indications of "people that groups able to recognize this should stay away from even as the very same on other levels are conditioned and essentially made weak; needing such indications".

    It is not fun or enjoyable when you are brainwashed to work against yourself and have this experience of a part of you harming you and betraying you.

    A second option;
    After my spiritual awakening in 2010 some interesting things happened... Little by little I grew able to understand things like seasons as containers of microbiology etc. (Material spirituality?)

    If I happened to have on the same creepy unconscious level decided to sacrifice various animals to enter a state of a unique "developer environment" (I had a developer friend at the time) to be able to consciously design such things, drawing on conscious resources, then I guess one can say that it does not work to use animal experiments to achieve, even "doing something about fear/terror/domination/social suppression hierarchies", although not enjoyable when having the experience of being stolen from in 2016 while in the USA on spiritual levels, albeit talking about some things with family and a spiritual center in Oregon pertaining to the dangers of what I called fear hierarchies at the time, now referring to as hierarchies of terror (can be terror by a more powerful entity such as a religion, a parent to a child, a government, a centralized governance over decentralized groups etc.).

    If that happened to be the case I ask for forgiveness to the animals harmed, however since this did not happen on conscious levels if it did, and ponder if there is something I can do to make up for it. In the last year I have been increasingly focused on lab mice and so forth; since 2012 I have grown increasingly angry about cockroaches being put electrodes on to radiocontrol them like were they racecars.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/20/17 14:34:39

    * I ask for forgiveness for my part, not anyone elses or any collective, to the said animals (and whomever else may have been harmed)

    * I apologize for the excessive amount of text, I am sitting at a public library - the excess affects my writing, I went here to get internet access at home, something I have desperately been trying to for several months now, only to meet hindrance upon hindrance upon hindrance.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/20/17 16:06:10

    If I could, I obviously would ask the animals suffering animal experiments - and potentially humans coerced if there are any such - what I could do to make up for it.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/22/17 17:59:10

    So for anyone interested;

    At the time of the 2016 election in the US where President Trump was elected, I was tricked into a psychiatric facility where I was severely psychologically abused.

    I lost hope, trust and faith in society entirely. To me police are more threats than safety-factors; they pose the threat of dragging me to such a place.

    This has been participant in opening up a hole; affecting empathically a very wide range of individuals. I had been working long, hard and intensely on society - something I believed in.

    This is what I refer to as a designer scenario.

    I remember while in the US encountering something that to me seemed like "the republican demon" - something denying logic and rationale; I have since come to a deep understanding of why.

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