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As it turns out around vegans I thrive socially.
The emotional connection is far stronger and I do not have the same baseline resentment; as such it’s cozy and enjoyable.

I actually get emotional feedback in interactions; I learn and regrow my social skills. Something it seems others cannot keep up with (their being is a bit too biostressed in their carnism to be able to pick up on what I do in depth socially and as such are unable to perform the passive emotional feedback. A result being that I don’t learn how to behave; others are unable to tell me, for whatever reason).

It’s not fun that living a healthy lifestyle results in inability to get feedback and even if it strengthens social ability results in a need to seek broader so to speak.

Not that I harm, quite far from it, it’s just not a very strengthening experience socially... Still far better than no contact at all. Quite obviously.

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