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The divorce rate in the US has been estimated near 75%. Fertility rates are dropping in the West so much so that the ruling elite of Europe have imported vast Muslim populations, for better or worse, that reproduce in higher numbers to replace the non-reproducing indigenous European populations. The ruling elite know that a growing consumer base to their capitalistic economies and a growing base for their work force matters more than ethnicity, religion or indigenous culture and genetics.

How has this happened? We must look to current events for answers. Population levels and the institution of marriage seemed all right in the reconstruction period of economic recovery after World War 2 until the late 70s. By the 90s a fertility dystopia rife with broken marriages set in with no cure in sight. Although there is no simple answer to this complex topic, there certainly are a few obvious cultural patterns that did develop during this time.

One variant concerns the environment. Nature provides Eros for love. During the late 70s onward, massive amounts of city building destroyed much of the world’s nature. No longer was it safe to drink from a river, trees are now in tree museums known as arboretums and one can drive for miles from mall to mall through canyons of cement.

Another variant is the failure of Christianity. With the fallout of Catholic pederast scandals filling the headlines, Catholic attendance at Church has dropped precipitously. Protestant religions that use to emphasize family and work now run mega Churches that only banter eschatology or the end of the world. The end of the world and pederasty does not lend well for fertility nor over all acceptance of religion. Instead people are flocking now to atheism and dropping religion all together.

What is the impact of Atheism on fertility? Without the sacredness of marriage or any belief in the esoteric concerning abstractions like love and God, people live together and break up often in an endless pursuit of personal pleasure and self-realization. Atheism also seems to effect birth rates negatively in China where an enforced one child policy led to an enormously imbalanced male population which inherently is impotent without women.

The rise of feminism during this time also reduced fertility. We can see this from two levels. Islam, a notoriously male dominating patriarchal society, does not have a fertility problem other than it seems to over produce. Feminism, by contrast, steals away male virility. Men fought off the British, men wrote and signed the constitution, men built the cities, men invented electricity, the phone, the computer, air travel, the car, tract housing, universities, museums etc. Feminists walk in and demand that it all be handed over to women and deny men their most fundamental rights of child visitation after divorce. So many women that are feminists have no manners, are rude, narcissistic, masculine, aggressive and domineering. Feminist men often cultivate the feminine side of their personality and the conclusion is infertility. Women demanded equal rights in the work place which means that both parents work and so many generations of parent-less latch door children fill our prisons on drug charges.

In terms of a vegan context, perhaps we should review the Atheist Vegan Feminist agenda. Do we really need to be led by women who wear party dresses and army boots, purple hair and bad make up, who are rude, aggressive, and ill mannered? Vegans need to redefine marriage, love, the role of man and woman, and especially God to reproduce. Vegan children are the most wondrous beings I have ever seen. It would be a shame to see the vegans become infertile and without love because a few greedy women who wanted to steal our cultural power convinced other vegan women that sperm stealing and single parent families are successful models. We need to operate from a male virility cosmology where love and God exist and marriage is sacred if we are going to compete with the Muslim culture. Otherwise in our next incarnations we will be eating lamb shish-kabob and chanting “Allah Akbar!”

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    Posted by herwin at 01/13/17 11:38:14

    Marriage isnt sacred. it is a relevant modern western invention by goverments and religion (the two go hand in hand) to control individuals.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/14/17 01:18:06

    It sounds to me that either you are un-marriageable or perhaps you are afraid of the supreme commitment of love.

    It is amazing how you can destroy and annihilate the purpose and meaning of all marriages in one sentence. You have found no meaning in the struggles and passions of Krishna and Rukmini, Abigail and John Adams, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Marie and Pierre Curie, Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, John and Jackie Kennedy, Rama and Sita, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and of course Romeo and Juliet. You have managed to desecrate any institution that represents love. Should we give you a bravo? Is that what you want?

    By the way, marriage is mentioned in the Torah, the Bible, the Vedic literature, and in cuneiform and hieroglyphics. Marriage has been practiced by China, the Native American Peoples. Ancient African peoples, South Pacific peoples and in fact every culture on Earth. It is not a Western invention and it is not modern. In fact Europe was very late in its cultural development to support marriage in the lower classes.

    Besides getting a marriage certificate from a government office for tax purposes, I fail to see your point about government intrusion through marriage. It is true the US has been culturally retarded in accepting inter-racial and gay marriages, but that is not a problem at this point in history.

    Marriage is a sacred as you make it. Try making life and love sacred, you might find yourself living in a better world.

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    Posted by herwin at 01/14/17 15:31:59

    Marriage as we know it with its strong legal basis and dificulties to divorce are a modern western invention.
    sure since the stone age, and many animals, a male and female bond together for a short or longer period. but when love ended it was pretty easy to seperate, no legal hassle, no social pressure, and no religious biblethumpers forcing women and men to stay together when love ended, and so creating a bad situation for many people.
    The religious nazis are only opresing people with their twisted philosophy, anti sex, anti gay, its hate hate hate what religion preaches.
    Anyone should be free from opresive dribble that marriage is sacred, bc it is just a sly way of saying, if you divorce you are a bad person, you have to stay together even if you hate eachother. its complete nonsense, not the funny kind of nonsense but the boring nonsense from dullards.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/14/17 20:47:15

    I think you are concerned with divorce, not marriage.

    Try Buddhism, Hinduism or Jain philosophy; they are not hate filled nor judgemental. Of course there are people who are hate filled and individuals who are judgemental but the institutions are not nor are the vast majority of their adherents.

    The title of this topic is called Sacred Marriage. The substance of this topic is slightly different. Try reading the topic again more slowly.

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    Posted by something unique at 01/15/17 19:55:01

    Not sure what this post has to do with veganism - it is full of racist ("vast muslim populations" vs. European "indigenous" populations), anti-feminist, anti-reason propaganda.

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