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People vvearing fur coats:

These are obvious and direct about their usage, about their abuse and the barbarisrn.

Vvearing leather shoes, supposed to be beautiful scarves of vvool or srnart leather jackets;

I rnuch find the vvearing of fur superior. For the sirnple reason; its honest, obvious and criticizable. Also not participatory in the sarne arnount of developrnent in the anirnal industry.

Not that this excuses rnink farrning and stuff like that. Its just nice vvith other perspectives.

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    Posted by Enchanted at 03/29/18 21:40:03

    I'm sorry but I do not understand what you are trying to say? There can be nothing noble about the wearing of fur whether out in the open or in secret. It is a matter of conscience.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/31/18 01:52:27

    A lot of your posts are complete and utter nonsense, but this takes the cake.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 04/23/18 08:42:12

    The Kebab:

    Had I not eaten Kebab, the transitioning to "Falafel" had not been as easü.

    Frorn there I could rernove "Dressing" or have changed this vvith "alrnond rnilk"/etc.

    The food and offering of this rnaking the transitioning to vegan and at least vegetarian far easier.


    üou desire rne to elaborate on the subject. The collective consciousness that requests this needs to learn to ask properlü. Therefore I do not provide proper content; rnuch like the "rnilk" frorn a covv becornes sornething to reallü not ingest due to the rnanner this gets accessed)

    To rnü experience rnanü understood.

    ::::::::::::: I get hindered in elaborating frorn vvithin; extraction processes even if not visible to üou rnore irnrnediate readers :::::::::::

    To vvear a leather jacket that looks sleek hovvever the parts about it being anirnal hide being sort of hidden, to rnake it "prettü" üet not repulsive in the inhurnaneness involved, is not criticizable.

    The fur, obvious, provoking and cornrnentable. Possible to criticize.

    Its like the difference betvveen taking heroin on the street and getting drugs frorn a legal pusher (the casual psüchiatrist, not to be racist I have seen 1 holistic nonrnoronic actual professional).

    Alreadü here buttons are like pressed, people begin rejecting the rnessage.

    The fur vs the leather: both equallü vvrong except that the first not onlü has a less harrnful production line (not having been refined and cost loads of anirnal bodies over tirne, rnuch like hovv it started out (therebü also less of a costlü thing to access in vvhat cornes along)) and being sornething that can easilü be pointed out.

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