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‪Buddha’s parents were manipulated into his sacrifice, Jesus mother was manipulated and when this is found out, civological layer beings (humans) are attempted blamed - the anger pacified, suppressed. Their suppression harmed me, “channeled” to be farmed.‬

‪Misusing a mother, father or other loving originators love is a bad idea. I resent suppression of the anger of individuals, the misuse of these and pacification worse than murder.‬

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/04/18 13:20:35

    I wrote about this situation where we at some point were affected in the past before evolving to monkey; generating a situation where tech-able species move to northern regions faster in eating flesh and using hides for warmth - thereby causing technological growth in the need and the situation predictably evolving into what we see today; a hell of farming and massive suffering.

    I also know that earth, our solar system and galaxy moves through various regions of space.
    I also know that our brains are constantly bombard with radiation affecting our neurons and passing through these - collecting data and essentially being "group-thinking" with the universe. The same principle is applicable on affect on our evolution.

    Consider the possibility that as we passed through a region of space we were affected in a manner altering our healthy growth; spurring a situation like this.

    Another possibility is that the first genetic beings on our planet (this is more in the creationist direction) are structured by external affect and that patterns from originating systems transferred/transmitted itself into our genetic design; much like our words, our ways, the systems we design etc. will transmit itself into artificial intelligence. Its much like "eating beef involves taking in microbiology ..." I hope our originators were more fairtrade, ecofriendly, vegan than we are today...

    An unlucky combination could also be the case...
    Regardless now there is a real "enemy" except its an affect we experienced and not necessarily an actual "enemy" (I do not believe in the concept of enemies). Apart from that there is a danger of us experiencing going through a similar alteration in the future.

    As such we need to improve our resistance and resilience; I see this best happening by for example growing veganism to decrease both microbiological burden and decrease empathic loss while strengthening coherence and in-group trust (we are all afraid of each other when we would slaughter someone quite close to us and eat them when we could eat plants. Anyone whom have made food in a kitchen knows; one person holding a big sharp knife and another a big pan... There gotta be trust for collaboration to be smooth and efficient. Having to be on the lookout and use resources on securing ourselves against each other is kind of an issue; the food becomes worse and that in itself is wrong to the plants. At least we can respect the friggin' life we destroy for our functionality to be upheld, especially since we are not - like wolves do - selecting specific deer using highly refined sensory systems to regulate the eco-system. We exist on a different layer...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/07/18 17:30:47

    "being "hooked" much like how we in our dysfunctional manifestation caught fish using hooks; the damage this does emotionally and in our souls - even when let go. At least applied was a tactic I came up with; finding a way to perceptually present what a person have done/does of harm by showing how the same is done to them already; rather than putting them through the same to create "relateability" of suffering. ("At least you know my suffering")."

    I have done lots of stuff like this, however people did not seem to want to read what I wrote, let alone pay for my work.
    I believe this was from early 2017.

    I have literally been enslaved to do this kind of work; having to in order to survive and not end up in really horrible situations. Not many moments of joy in the past year...

    I refer to experiences of relateability as a "hell" - the thought was in an afterlife that (while recycling the concept of hell) a persons face could be held to an experience of a living person observing what was being gone through, rather than increasing the damage for someone to "learn".

    This is not intuitive writing btw. Much like shoving a persons face into a bucket of water, only actually healing and useful even if uncomfortable. Better yet; simply offering a look.

    I observed that dead souls experiences "nirvana" through good moments of the living to some extent. I also calculated a bit about how much damage this does, and how much this hinders the living from doing things and knowing what they do; creepy ass onlookers. NSA is the best of it; at least we can relate to the concept and work with it without having to comprehend what I do as a more general thing.....

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/09/18 16:03:55

    Have you thought about how many children will be raped in the future as a result of psychiatry drugging people and forcing these into severe addiction, draining compassion and caring?

    Now consider why children are raped:
    To distance oneself, heart-wise - emotionally, from affect.
    Such as hatred towards individuals ingesting flesh, dairy, living by slavery etc. - its important to realize fundamental innocense.
    This does not mean that we should accept pedophily, however these individuals withheld for a week and go somewhere these can heal and not cause further pedophile acts or similar cruelty in the world. Its simple: People know what they need, sometimes that manifests very strangely and other times creepily - pedophiles themselves would know where to go as well.
    I mean rather that than punishment and adding to the cost right? However current systems in place its still more important to free children from such situations, that simple.

    Its important to be vegan and grow fundamental equality and caring; even children being exposed to pedophily benefit from such acts.

    By the way, no I have not been put through pedophile acts, let alone met a pedophile - I just work from the worst possible behavior I can imagine existing. (I have since learned worse exist, but to keep things "normally relateable").

    Indeed, individuals performing pedophily are likely on some collective level being used to harvest; its nice to care about trees and be vegan. And to have sex (sorry for the context, but its important with the communication and interaction that body-body contact is) -- now you know a reason for pedophily. (inspired by; some condoms are made by sticking a pole in the side of a tree sapping it day in and day out, its too horrible).

    I also fear that in my writing I was used to block some child from talking on some collective level, however with what I just tweeted I have a feeling that this is more an attempt to censor me from writing.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 03/09/18 16:50:47

    A keyboard; a production line. Compatability and exchangeability.

    Counterargument: contamination barriers/quarantining through difference in ability of usage. Too costly is my opinion though.

    VVe do not need "w"
    There are three unique Danish letters, neither are needed.

    Every time you touch one of these four buttons... Like a crime. Also hindering you in leaving areas, much like a jail.

    The amount of animal bodies it costs to have those unnecessary keyboard letters, the complexity added to the transport and IT infrastructure behind the distribution. The human suffering obviously as vvell and microbiological damage, this is a vegetarian/vegan forum though.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 03/10/18 16:10:37 !+!+> 2x4 strings !+!+> input on youtube !+!+>
    1!+10 = 7 1!+60 = 30 1!+10 = 3

    see the video at 7:30 (3 might mean ascend):

    A main reason babies cry is because they are immersed in a microbiological environment that literally is painful vhen leaving the protected vomb of the mother: Look at all the nonfair trade etc.. I assume ve have pain senses at the time that gets shut dovn, like partial comatose; like fainting.

    Heard of these lobsterlike beings that are boiled alive, their pain senses unable to shut dovn?

    Its strange this experience of something trying to cause me to like the baby in a specific vay vhere I vould be demotivated from getting sterilized, its kind of creepy. Not real emotion.
    The real emotion vould likely be pain at the thought of getting a child; both excess, consumption flovv and more.

    Its strange right? I thought about this some years back; being villing to let go of a comfortable feeling vvhen its changing the feeling system itself, something different becoming enjoyable (possibly to the same level, such as simply not having a child and the baseline comfort of this).
    I cannot quite put it in vords today; basically its about the issue of feelings locking themselves from evolving to a healthy state.

    I do knov that earth is much being harvested, the planet vith life, and that human bodies are desired to yield specific product (at least it aint alvays that kind of hellish creatures guiding even if taking control in many vays and layers).

    Hellish creatures; beings harvesting and enslaving us, causing us harm, to generate a desired product. Notice the perceptual lock as vell? Making this easily discreditable? As a convincing to be vegan? And caring for trees?

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