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The old way of viewing "psychopathy" as an absolute is outdated.

Upon ingesting flesh, eggs and milk and taking medication produced and continously inciting and paying for animal experimentation one would naturally take on a degree of psychopathy, becoming disconnected both empathical systems and emotional systems.

New term: Psychopathism

Healthy psychopathism:

Psychopathy towards the promotion and use of animal experimentation, dairy and flesh farms as well as egg factories.
Psychopathy towards slavery.
Psychopathy towards excess, non-fair and lack of body-maintenance.
Psychopathy towards non-reason and simply aggression based on what "seems the case/is the case".
Psychopathy towards terrorists and enemies during combat/active engagement.
Psychopathy towards sacrifice and misuse of people and beings.

Unhealthy forms of psychopathism:

Psychopathy towards animals, fish, insects, birds, reptiles and primates (for example in using them as (even unnecessary) objects for energy and matter to continue functioning/performing roles such as ancestral line continuation or specific types of work).
Psychopathy towards human patients.
Psychopathy towards children.
Psychopathy towards employees.
Psychopathy towards beings used as tools of testing and observing effects from an input (such as for medical production).
Psychopathy towards service-givers (waiters, store workers etc.).
Psychopathy towards non-moving gaia, earth and for example our galaxy/solar system.
Psychopathy towards future (A)I.
Psychopathy towards whatever is deemed a threat.
Psychopathy towards beings of any kind or that which is similar to beings etc.

Interesting thought however seemingly a different subject:
I only took a course in psychology temporarily... See how much veganism helps even in psychiatric matters?
Its strange with veganism; for example in the transportation of items a lot of flesh is consumed; however in not partaking in the bio-transfer between countries, one also causes a resource-lack as the global environment "has to come to you" to keep you up to date: causing at the very least an opportunity cost in whom becomes vegan; as bad as making people carnists. As well as balancing scales much needed to be and generating desire for vegan transport lines.
An example of how being extremist works against veganism itself, although its vital to not ingest flesh, wear leather, medicate using products stemming from animal experimentation (the criminal network making it come to be), ingest milk, ingest eggs.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/10/17 22:21:07

    If you happened to prove that Buddhists are the happiest people on earth, what would happen?
    They can generate extreme levels of "happiness" - measureable.
    However what if I were to tell you, that there is a link necessary between the measurable "happiness" and the conscous for it to be happiness? That the link may mean more than the measureable amount of happiness?

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