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When considering seeing a psychologist, the following piece of wisdom is vital:

A psychologist in contact with the psychiatry is indicatory of a massive lack of understanding as to what is healthy for an individual and not.

The psychiatry refers to the psychiatry as a mental health institution.
However looking at mental hospitals; this involves an enormous usage of non-fair trade and animal experimentation. This lays the ground for severely harmful environments causing the bodies (and thus minds) immersed in such environments massive stress.

Furthermore the patients are given medication that is produced through animal experimentation as well as using tools of non-fair trade; involving carrying with it a microbiological trails (connected at every step).

At such places patients are kept indoors the major part of the day, they are typically psychologically abused and are kept in environments where people are screaming; this is supposed to be a healing place; a "hospital".

Now imagine seeing a psychologist whom is suppressing the facts of this being harmful every single day of their lives; this involves by pattern suppressing various understanding as to what is harmful "metaphorically" in other ways.
Meaning; such a psychologist would be affecting, with their "healing", a patient or customer negatively in their very suppressed ability to consider the mental health and well-being.

This does not pertain solely to psychologists working at such facilities, also those getting their knowledge from such places. Their peers and colleageous, even what they rationalize to be healthy and acceptable.

Consider a psychologist going to heal a patient or customer, now consider the people sorrounding that individual; if the psychologist suppresses and rationalizes on the harmful effects on insane asylums collectively, societally and in the local area..... Not exactly a place I would send an employee of mine.

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