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1. "Sterilization". is a thing doctors are good at.
2. Find, hold a week maximum while sending on to somewhere that can do something.
3. Practice "hold and let go" once the patient asks to be let go (just hold for 10-20 seconds and let go).
4. Do not jail, do not hinder access to forest, do not abuse, do not force drugs on (they'll come right to you regardless if its actually a good thing for them).
5. Accept difference in tolerance levels when a person is clean and has not been drinking alcohol for example. Its drugs, heavy ones, accept it.
6. Accept that diet is important; no sugar, vegan, ecological (biological stress = microbiology in need of being transformed that has not been so due to strainful production), no added oil, raw food, fair trade, minimalize transport etc. You have no reason to offer any unhealthy foods; a spike of health is more healing than a spike of drug addiction.
7. Forcing a person into a situation results in these entering areas/ways of thinking these are not ready for (attraction, not forcing onto). Offer, dont force upon. Dont jail an addict...
8. Minimalism: Do not add more, remove whats harmful.
9. Consider number 5+6 - biostress involved in pills
10. Baseline high (like casual alcoholic) (through baseline creating false sustainability in situation so unhealthy you would believe it a lie - isolation essentially - meaning deep addiction in having to rebuild life and what is required to function without the drug) and complexity limitation meaning a high of mindfulness/presence (highly addictive, much like giving weed to a person in depression just a lot worse due to nr. 9).
11. Recycle existing psychiatry to break terrorists (I was inspired by what was done to me, you do not want to know what I wrote to various western defence agencies - I made use of the situation... Give service (lingual encryption can make things hard to read by the way)).
12. Its more damaging to talk to a psychiatrist than it is not to even if you are labeled mute; inability to comprehend.
13. Watch this Monty Pythons Life of Brian: now
14. Apply this extra: The effect of the almighty God causing humans hearing his voice to become insane and how this shapes this depictions perception of people. Consider the effect you have on your sorroundings and how this causes you to perceive people.
15. Consider that some are more affected than others due to various factors.
16. Offer a diagnosis, do not put it on someone (I got them guns ready and loaded, friggin' carnist)
17. It causes damage to present a condition without presenting the reason (now consider gender equality; fundamental similarity and how being raised in a culture just out of heavy gender bias affects you to ingest flesh).
18. Trust is more worth than feeding on intellectuals and generating specific brainchemical environments to produce rationale, ideas, inventions etc.
19. Many heavy drug addicts are gamers (not strange when they do not have the surplus to leave their homes).
20. Only offering access to Christianity is wrong, fewer facilities with mentioned 1 week places funneling those to these that do not want to go to other groups, Buddhism, hinduism, Islam, Satanism and so forth have different compatabilities.
21. Every moment you look down on the people in there and remove their chances at life, you are causing the same done to you on collective scales. Humanity is the sole divergent species; a few civological ones exist do the same.
22. Do not ever assume superiority over an enlightened individual. Do not assume superiority in the first place, you are not, well as a twelve stepper you have certain points of superiority.
23. Learn to speak properly; "Neurodivergence" and "current manifesting in a dysfunctional form" and "reasons are at least $1, $2, $3").
24. The amount of authority you assume will serve to harm you.
25. I lost trust in the entire educational system for certifying the individuals that mistreated, abused and essentially non-sexually raped me in several different ways, the world, civilization, God and pretty much everything else. The trauma is still growing and I am unable to get this treated due to lacking access to vegan psychologists and you must be stupid if you think I would go close to psychiatry to be treated for a trauma the psychiatry caused.
26. I would not share this had it not been in this circumstance. Be aware the the production line involves severe hatred; yes, text carries with it a cost to read just like food does to ingest.
27. I can describe in normal language several purposes of life and know of more; yet I was treated as though insane.
28. Learn to listen, in 2011 I was hospitalized; I was sleeping on the floor and taking cold showers as well as using various tools as antibiotics. I now sleep on the floor normally (minimalism), I take cold showers and waste as little water as possible and I care very much about how I eat. The person that called cops on me was asking where I lived and what my name was despite living at her place, now tell me if you would answer that when contemplating thoughts about hell and demons.
29. It is correct that telepathy does not exist. However a person can generate an energetic output using their thoughts, words for example, that another person can pick up on and put words on - unlikely the same words. Much like putting "words on feelings".
30. The only way to help another person is to improve your own way of living, if these ask for guidance then sponsorship makes sense; however telling these what to do and filling them with drugs... A bad idea.
31. Energies of resentment need to be channeled regardless; if these are suppressed and the person is hindered in feeling and acting on this (for example due to violence in having gotten their ability to channel the energy/intention properly through for example ingesting flesh thereby suppressing emotional contact with a large part of the planet)... These energies manifest themselves in other regions of the world.
32. Well if terror works... (Now you see the reason for ISIS and what we can do on our part to change this). Terrorizing patients and hindering their outside access + social punishment is not exactly healing.
33. If its a psychiatric jail, call it so. If its a psychiatric breaking-person place... If its a psychiatric hospital. Its a good idea to be honest about it; the entire faith in the hospital system is completely drained by the practice of psychiatry.
34. Feeding people horrible food, forcing them on drugs heavy microbiologically as well as addictive in nature means that you do not know how to cause health. Combine this with no. 33.
35. There is an extreme amount of resentment towards the psychiatry, consider this much like getting into a mafia - suddenly you are complicit. There are other law systems than the ones navigateable. If you hit someone they are likely to hit back or get their support and beat you up.
36. A "nurse" "fronting" i.e. going up to your face like a drunkard in town for being angry and expressing this verbally is a bad idea to hire. However if this gets used to affirm racism (a guy did this, he had brown skin...) and in-group superiority. Well....
37. Your casual slum drug dealers is honest about selling you addictive drugs. Torturers have several points of superiority over psychiatrists in at least being honest about what these do.
38. You cannot see the suffering of the patients, they are unable to tell psychiatrists, nurses and affiliated due to them being exactly whom they are.
39. How you earn money is quite relevant, dont cause loss of faith in the entire economic system.
40. Do not feed on patients intellectually, it is despicable and malpractice.
41. A psychologist whom is not vegan is unable to understand what is necessary for the health of a person; such a person messing with a mind... Especially when in contact with psychiatry; suppressing various factors about what is healthy and not - much like looking away from some things. In the mind this is not isolated; building on a pattern in one area of the mind builds on the pattern manifesting itself in other ways. However this is impossible to tell people eating meat (except in certain conditions; 12 step programme, Buddhism etc.)
42. Messing with a person whom have laid of medications for ethical reasons... Forcing them on those very drugs. Causing them to distrust honesty and lying about wanting the medication to protect the practitioners... Its a really bad idea.
43. There is always something worse and something deeper. If there is not yet there will be.
44. Work on channeling the energies of people mistreated where these are unable to themselves, dont manipulate them to be the way you perceive to be right.
45. This is indeed several perspectives only and there are many more. I'm done analyzing and being enslaved through my trauma and the mistreatment though. See the difference between paranoia and this? A programmer applies being careful and observing things quite differently, channeling.
46. I know I only would cheat myself in the end, though I would cheat many others as well, I do not go around putting markers on people in a massive system that is more accessible than it is thought by relevant factors. Blackmailing is a dangerous practice.
47. You are a part of a network; mistreating people or partake in this the negativity hits family and friends also. The person being mistreated is the same; does not matter whether their anger is quelled or pacified. Its rather extreme the kind of hatred that can arise and not everyone has a twelve step programme to work with their resentment. See in this context this can be observed as both a threat and a description of a dynamic - the latter quite obviously and actually a warning as you are a fellow twelve step member.

What kind of world do you want to live in? The world where people suppress and control each other? A hierarchy of fear, people having an ever decreasing surplus in defending themselves?

48. People are afraid to speak about their problems; with psychologists (even when these pay), with family, with friends. What if these were labeled as insane? Can you imagine the cost that is to our mental, biological and spiritual health? What if you ended up drugged, labeled and essentially in a dog leash? What if that happened to your child? Oh, we cannot have the child speak of its problems. Oh, lets not talk about abuses going on in family; what would happen if the children were to end up in an even worse situation.

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