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It is as though my perception of myself and others perception is possessed. Like an empathic connect, turning on/off parts.

Just this morning I experienced these feelings in my head, like fuses blowing, as though was my critical filters on a particular point being like a cable being shot with a gun or a fuse blown, resulting in a lacking ability of perceiving how something I wrote would be perceived, regardless of degree of truth.

Involving the ease of affecting in ways where a channel I rely on to communicate particular things was affected, something I get used to relying on being there.

Placing a blockage in my ability to get to meet other vegans and generating pre-conceived images. Like a friggin' weapon being presented in my writing of this.

I am beginning to believe in vampires and fighting with something not telepathy yet close to, much like how we sense each others feelings, except this is on a collective level and there are no individuals doing this, indicating a different not-geo/virtual - graphical presence.

By the way this is attempted presented as though are there demons tempting me to accept becoming something. Enforcing some Christian perception in my mind still there in the depths somehow. It's so annoying, please God take Christianity and me being perceptually manipulated from me...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/29/17 08:33:47

    I am being hacked today, essentially. 

    Attempted discredited and manipulated into generating particular perceptions, especially of me however also enforcing a perceptual construct, Christianity. 

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 20:40:24

    There are Christian vegans.

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