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Watching Okja.
The part with parades.

I think when watching this; it’s as if we are being mocked, like whatever guided and inspired life is being mocked.
Fueled by flesh, addiction and deep desire moving towards an ever increasing low, we clown around, prideful in the most [censored]ed up things, while sacrificing the purposes of life.

Quite costly on a much deeper level than what contains the universe, we are all in the same big container; what mocks and what is being mocked and there are indeed many ends.

I see I am being affected to indirectly point at the pride parade as though was it the only parade. Something I am quite happy about and enjoyed partaking in. Except the flesh- and mothersmilk fueled parts.

Just generally parades..
Strange thing is, we just use the occasions to meet, have fun and enjoying each other’s company, despite how we are hooked up to fulfill functionality in these creepy manners.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/20/17 23:03:59

    I'm watching this with my family, says something about their emotional states and how giving up they are.

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