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Veg*n people needed in Missouri.
I am starting Country Gospel Music/Bluegrass Gospel music programs at my place and I am looking for like minded, sincere, honest people to live here and be part of this whole place and the future. I hope to set up a non-profit. The people who will be living here will not pay RENT but will TRADE their services in exchange for living here. They will care for the place completely. I am 59, Christian, Spiritual, Blue/green eyes and Blonde Lady. Please call me at 417-399-1032 only if you want to live here permanently and care for the place and play the music and have a permanent home for you or your family and grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on into the future. You can use the 20 acres for certain things, like if you have a business you can build an office or shop, if that is how you support yourself. You can grow food here, if you want. You can have your pets here but no profit animals. I am vegetarian but I am not vegan. You can be vegan here if you want. Responsiblities and duties required. You don't pay rent, because this is not a rent situation but I don't support you. You have to support yourself. There will be some money in the future that you can have but not at first. You have to help develop this situation here. If you don't know how to play a guitar, banjo or fiddle you can learn if you are willing and learn to sing the songs. If you can't already. If you are interested in generating electricity I would like that. I like to be around people who want things to be better and are ambious.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 05/26/13 10:26:58

    I wish you well in your endeavors but earnestly hope that you screened the applicants for your community. It is a sad reality that there are some very disturbed people out there. Consider for example the fact that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian ... and look at what he did to the world. The so-called members of the Manson family were also vegetarian. Pol Pot, the notorious dictator of Cambodia and William MacDonald, Australia's most famous serial killer, were also vegetarian.

    I hope you also consulted with an attorney. Many states have tenancy laws. If you allow people to live on your land rent free and later decide that they need to leave, you could have problems with evicting them.

    I appreciate your vision and pray that you were able to find the people you needed without having your dream turn into a nightmare.

    It's been a couple of years since you posted this. May I ask how things turned out?

    Peace and Blessings,


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