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String of newborn child

What if i told you that these strings are not necessarily to be cut as the child is born and that this may in fact be harmful?

A period of going from navelstring to mothers milk may exist, in fact the dual-feeding stream may be the design.


Do not let this tempt you collectively into hindering my sterilization; one of the awesome things doctors do by some “then you can test it on your child” or something like that.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 01/12/18 12:03:33

    As a separate thing, yet in same line. Be wary of this used to discredit above.

    We can end up addicted to anger and hatred to gain an experience of a connection. To connect, even as this drains this connection.

    indirectly through a person can contact to God be achieved. Causing a person with a deep connection to be angry and resentful = access contact to God, only its draining rather than strengthening in nature. I know i was put through this, starting relatively early.

    Look at colonizing; Africa and how the conflict was something the colonizing flow made use of to gain slaves. The same happens with this; only in cutting the contact to God - like done to cows when called are dragged from them. We are played against each other, getting us to drain each others contact - overall draining the contact to God rather than generating it.

    Look at the dynamic; look at the result; look at where something similar happens in our civilization.

    The same is likely done on an even grander level.

    Tactic to apply; reverse the dynamic rather than pointing fingers. Finger pointing will fail guaranteed.

    To me God is something greater than all this; also guiding what does this intentionally or not so.

    There is always something deeper and worse and if not yet there will be. Stop punishing.

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