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I might as well be honest; I am scared [censored]less.
What has been done to me on levels I only even see hints of.

However it would be worse to bow down to the terrorism;
There will always be something worse (if there is not there will be).

Upon bowing down, I would partake in generating a pattern of succumbing,
also in whatever does this, we are all in the same boat.
The result is whatever does this succumbing to something even worse,
if not currently then eventually; we do not disappear even if we die.

The result would be worse things yet than what I experience,
worse things happening to the people around me,
people that would increasingly prioritize and protect themselves,
increasing the resource drain,
increasing the sacrifice of others,
increasing the need to self-prioritization.

Less togetherness and love; in the west we live not in peace - only what resembles it.
Even buddhists are sacrificed, monks especially.

All this meaning something worse arising,
Something that would make what I would succumb to succumb,
I would end up going through even worse things.

The hieararchy of terror, domination and fear-control.

Its not my parents I speak of, its happened ever since I shared some things although with my dad;
Ever since I opened my mouth and proved to be interesting, to be knowing and wise.
I have seen what happens to people, what was done in the story of Jesus - he was too interesting and went against these hieararchies and systems.
I have seen what happened to Buddha; he became homeless having to beg, presented as a beautiful thing with the subliminal threat to those who know.
I have seen what happens to monks; secluded in monastaries and producing producing producing.
I am so afraid of what does this to me, to people not to mention all the animals in cages.

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