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Let’s theorize that one can connect with people emotionally at massive distances.

Seeking to comfort those suffering extremely however without taking upon one their suffering.

For example people around these individuals.

In cases of torture, rape, child abuse, animal experimentation etc., this would result in such individuals gaining a sense of contact and caring otherwise inaccessible to them.

This would also result in a false perception of an individual/groupas horrible, as their presence is felt during these kinds of horrible sufferable situations...

Its so nice to be vegan, having better empathic ability. Minimalis

One thing in this; this would also be using caring people, groups and collective networks as shields, cloaks and scapegoats for those intending this harm.

I remember this experience of empathic contact where there was this "you dont understand our needs"-affect. I might not have, now I do.

For example the “dripping of horror” - decreasing stress. Now you know what “narcs” are used for, finding and accessing empathic networks to find groups, networks and individuals to exploit (speaking in empathy compatible language here).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/02/17 21:42:27

    I am less obviously than I end up believing speaking of non organized, non intentional and not individuals either.

    May exist cultistically, however I refer more to sort of like trees growing across humans, animals etc. networks. Like mushrooms exist in networks and trees interact.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/02/17 21:57:30

    By the way, these exist here and there. Not findable by any label.

    The classic scapegoats of evil corporate, politicians, medical industry...

    Well there may be something about it to an extent, however look at every massive collaboration and there is certainly some doing so.
    Smaller collaboratives do not consist of as many members, can easily er sift and hide.

    It’s strange to point at the mass collabs; what if small collabs are major factors in the arisal of such situations?

    I have been hindered in massive collaboration efforts for quite a few years... I am deeply resentful.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/02/17 22:12:48

    It is strange how these labels have come to be, such an issue everywhere except where channeled towards (eastern spiritual collaboration). Yet like hell am I gonna be wasting my life with the hindrances I am placed before.

    I do not feel like being sold either, I definitely have been like a girl passed around (rundetrunte is a name for this, however this seems more a scaring and herding tactic used by carnist buddhists at a center I magically went to after ending rather broken... (In Denmark)).

    Die Tibet, India, China etc. and perhaps Japan a little as well despite I have this a bit too magical/designed/grown love for this... Just happened to become so. My father did not at all visit Japan, there’s not at all a rather unserious bloodbond formed with one whom ended up indulging in nazism.......................

    My dad went to Japan as a military denier, biology research. Animal experiments. Like hell I am going when that is involved. Yet I am strangely intrigued. It’s a bad idea... Sounds fun though...
    It’s a bad indicator...

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