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Considering humans the same category as herbivores and carnivores does not make sense.
We are something somewhat different. Not omnivore either, no doubt a transitioning phase it just seems strange to me that beings would be sacrificed in so damaging a manner to achieve the transitioning.

Our consumption would have been far less had we been plant focus and what I assume to be diverted, looking at the efficiency of life, something that also explains our perfectionist issues.

"Tålmodighed" we say in Denmark: patience, to not rush, a deed more giving than most that can be done. I remember finding this video

We are a different category. That is veganism to me; going beyond the consumption regulative system that it is to eat plants, animals or even bacterial cultures. We need not partake in nature's regulation. This is why I view what we experience as being an attack. I still fight and I work with a lot that do. Surrendering does not exist in this level. I surrender always, every day, to the fact that things did not turn out as they should. On a far deeper level than the material plane (something that is only one way to structure and work with energies

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/03/17 13:36:43

    I would not mind being eaten by a tiger in a forest, a wolf in the woods or shot in the head with a 9 mm. However being farmed for my flesh, used as a subject for experimentation; these are just two very different things

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/26/17 18:50:20

    ps we need predators on a civological level. Psychopaths does not really resolve the problem. Jails and psychiatry etc. are not really predatory as the damage keeps growing (regulation)...

    I propose zombies. At least these could target harmful ones and from the zombies darwinism would kick in and new sustainable predatory species may arise... The civological layer is screwed and we will end up wiping...

    The biostress is growing massively and it is draining our backup layer (ocean) as well as harming the astrological layer. Our locked state of being seems to be deeper than the material reality and lacking acknowledgement of need for civological-level self-regulation (imitate nature first, as any scientist knows) I.e. predatoryness etc. we humans are unique and lack complementing parts, we are too many relative to our size and earths environment (seems an attempt at transferring some humans is going on... That ain’t so good, the biostress grows and will follow).

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