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Hsuan Hua Fa Shr, a renown Buddhist monk, once explained that the reason there is war is due to diet, Karma and reincarnation.

He explained that if a cow is eaten by a human and then in the next life the cow is a human that then eats a cow who was the human in the past life, a circle of anger occurs. When a nation of cows are eaten by a nation of humans and they reverse roles in the future incarnation, going back and forth many times consuming each other, very deeply rooted hatred arises.

When finally all the participants in this horrific carnivorous circle of multiple incarnations arise as human beings, they choose sides and fight a war.

Karma may hold a secret as to why people eat meat. There also is a Tibetan Vajrayana sentiment that people eat meat to eat their enemies.

Karma literally means to make or to do. We can make a wonderful world by doing the right thing and eating vegan. This releases us from the Karmic torrent of negativity that meat eating creates. Implied in the term Karma is the responsibility for our actions, sometimes experiencing the fruition of our choices many future incarnations after the fact.

Eat Karma or eat peace. Is this the difference between meat eating and a vegan diet?

The Hindi, the Buddhists, the Jains, many followers of Confucius, Taoists, many Rabbis and certain sects of Christianity all feel that vegetarianism is the first step of the long voyage into spirituality, compassion and rectifying one's Karma.

Does one have to have good past life Karma to practice a vegan lifestyle?

Can we change this planet's Karma by going vegan?

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    Posted by JohnWilliamNortham at 02/05/16 03:32:33

    The thought of karma makes me think
    I mean Karma is if you do good you get good in return and if you do bad you get bad in return
    Wicca one of the religions i study says that
    Alao, says harm none
    But, most i know eat meat
    Hy does these things not include animals.

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    Posted by TalkinBoutPractice at 02/06/16 09:37:11

    Personally I think Karma is irrelevant. If everything you do is a means to an end than you miss the point completely. Only if you are able to travel back in time into past lives only then is it relevant, but there is nobody here who can do that. You will go crazy trying to balance your karma or pay back your debts incurred in past lives, be here, right now. Forget who or what you did in a past life because the only thing that matters is finding the being who was there the whole time and who is with you now. HEHE! I am not a robot.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/07/16 09:48:02

    I was hoping I would not have to interfere in this forum, leaving it to the creative talents of others. However, there is a responsibility I have accepted by launching this topic that implies correcting situations that may arise from time to time.


    Your well intended statement is a normal response for one who is not a participant in a culture where Karma is taught. Karma is taught in the Jain, Hindu and Buddhist communities primarily. These communities also have a long history with vegetarianism and are currently opening towards vegan realism.

    Karma is relevant. Karma is how the planets move, how the tides rise, how natural selection occurs, how religion is formed, how economics are determined, how political structures are implemented, how school is taught, how medicine is administered, how food is prepared, how sleep is engaged, how love is realized and how children are born to name but a few of its attributes.

    Karma means to make or to do from where the Latin term Habere and the Spanish term Haber and the French word Faire are born. Implied in Karma is the realization that to every cause there is an effect, much like Newtonian Physics teaches. Also implied to the self returning nature of action through cause and effect is the responsibility for one's actions. This is a brief and superficial definition but an accurate enough of an explanation for our purposes. Krishna said that Karma is unfathomable. When one reflects on all the causes and effects since the origin of just this universe alone, and the interdependent web of causality that arises, certainly Krishna made a valid point.

    The point of Karma is not to overburden one with the past horrors of previous mistakes. According to modern Buddhism, one simply learns one's mistakes by the experience presented through Karma and tries to improve the present for a better future. If you ate meat in the past it was wrong for your health, the planetary ecology and the animals involved. If you are vegan now, you will purify and work to correct the corrupted deeds of the past and make for a better future through a correct diet.

    As far as past lives are concerned, this is not something everyone can understand nor perceive. If you prefer to weave your life with a reference only to this life, as limited as that view may be, then it is for you to do. This does not rid the world of the recycling nature of consciousness nor the world's past deeds nor its interconnected history with our present situation. It simply gives you a reference with which you are comfortable for now.

    Do not worry about being a robot nor being tangled up in something called the past of this life or another that you fear is beyond your control. The whole point of life is love. Love will always provide the right path in life. Simply correct your actions and thoughts and there is no worry. The point of Karma is to provide guidance to find correct view, correct speech, correct meditation, correct action, correct work, correct zeal, correct concentration, correct intention etc.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/07/16 09:52:48

    John Williams-

    It does involve animals and indeed all of life.

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    Posted by EarthlyColorBrown at 06/04/16 16:31:26


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