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Community: Forum: Wisdom & Spirituality

Wisdom Forum

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Its strange how there is no way to access specific products for normal people, except to ingest large amounts of sugar, non-fair trade etc.

I am seeing this hole being made, used for people of particular "healthy living" being dragged to specific purposes.

Its placed a blockage on people from going "healthy" as we collectively can see that we are being hindered from going all the way.

To me it seems as though we are being grown in a specific manner on some spiritual level at the cost of quite a few people, whose surplus is then lowered harming our collective microbio-fauna not to mention increasing consumption of body-parts - hindering us from attaining surplus.

Still don't believe on beings non-material?

I look at the west like the nobles, we are very powerful and completely certain in our power.

To my experience I am dependent on various products from around the world. A few hundred years ago I would not have been able to live without ingesting flesh.

If this is not hell, then what is? I have to harm beings to continue and my material, bodily/brain systems are hardwired to not do so; I am literally unable to not eat and even if I can stop for a while; how many people would this hinder from doing the same (difference between this and fasting), yet if I chose not to eat and somehow could live on "prana" - where would that come from and at whose cost?

I guess I am going to be a transformative element rather than try to be perfect, making things better, however I darn well am not gonna enter some kind of religion, templistic living, permanent celibacy or otherwise sacrificed.

I love money (well-earned anyway), I seek a lot of sex and I will thoroughly enjoy my life, be in deep romances. A real devil is what makes people enter monastaries and sacrifice their lives, a yet worse one is what made the world like this - and whatever that is stems from before mankind.

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  • h_o_rng's avatar
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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/23/17 14:23:19

    It is also strange how some part of me does not accept the microbiological aspect to these contemplations; how it is quite vital to infactor the biological harm it has on a person to "be fed" non-fair trade.

  • h_o_rng's avatar
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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/23/17 14:46:10

    I guess its as simple as that we exist under different conditions in the north than they do in regions with greens year around, we were sacrificed, each and every one of us. Humans sacrificed to create knowledge, civilization and growth and animals sacrificed to sustain us in us being sacrificed.

    I ponder when whatever wanted things to happen so fast will begin realizing that it has not been worth it. That something aint God to me, that much is for certain, however it is participant in the coming to be of mankind thus "Devil"/"Lucifer" is inapplicable also.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/01/17 07:59:16

    "A few hundred years ago I would not be able to live without ingesting flesh"...what are you talking about? There were several famous vegetarians in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, including writers like Percy Byshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Leo Tolstoy. Throughout Western history, there were vegetarian philosophers like Pythagorus and Voltaire. And of course in the East there are entire religious groups and civilizations of people who are vegetarian from birth (or who once existed in regions of Africa and Asia). All Eastern thought teaches vegetarianism as a virtue, but only Jains and certain sects of Buddhists actually still requiring it as a compulsion. Many people have argued that even the Christian Bible originally advocated veganism in Genesis,, and the way a person could have survived as a vegan in an earlier time, is because the soil and "dirtier" lifestyle supplied B12 we now can not obtain because of our poor soil quality and hyper-attention to hygiene.

    100 years ago in this country only the very rich ate a lot of meat. People who were poor and working class ate a lot less meat than they do today.

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