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If I were in the matrix, I would use it from within to take over the external world. Heck, its all a representation of energy structures; no reason to not just exist from within this energy structure and navigate by what is available and may become from here.

Luckily, its quite important to be vegan; its a simple matter of efficiency, trust and what we connect with.

Too many movies likely cause an illusion of the world being the matrix on some unconscious level, hindering people from going vegan as they try to get free or think its a "setup" to convince them (unconsciously) keeping them stuck in the same habit and prioritizing resources in this manner.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 09/29/17 19:35:23

    We are living in the matrix. That's what the movie was trying to teach us. Life as we know it is an illusion. We will soon wake up and realize that all of this was an illusion. Our real life and what we are living is in 4th and 5th dimension. 3rd dimension is what we are living in, in our body and mind.

    And that is why being a vegan is so important. It helps raise ones conciousness to higher dimensions. Ergo, veganism is higher thought and conscious living. Welcome to life in the 3D matrix. Go to 4D and 5D as much as you can. You will enjoy it. Its all in your mind and mostly the unaccessed parts. Do it through meditation which is beyond the 3D matrix.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/01/17 07:48:02

    We already do live in the Matrix. Someone already addressed this, but the Matrix was meant to be a metaphor for real phenomenon, like how people are brainwashed by television advertising to be trapped in a consumer lifestyle, or how big corporations have encouraged obesity. One of the reasons why people aren't "free" is because their minds are full of commercials, stupid tv shows, and preoccupied by what to buy next. Veganism as a spiritual path does force people to at least somewhat examine their choices of what they're buying, what they do out of mindless habit, and so forth...I think vegetarianism at least is important for any kind of real spiritual growth, if not veganism, but other steps have to be taken as well - like breaking yourself out of corporate consumer culture, watching less or no television, etc. Of course then we can find ourselves distracted by other things - such as arguing constantly over politics in the media on the Internet, or drinking too much alcohol..

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/01/17 13:55:31

    ForestNymph--I completely resonate with what you are saying. Commercial TV exists mainly to sell advertising and keep the consumer machine going. I choise and am very aware of what I buy and consume. I live in a hiuse in the middle of a forest of trees. This is nirvana and heaven when Im here. Its a spiritual state of mind.

    Yes, spiritual growth is a lot easier when one becomes more aware, when one breaks out of the consumer culture and watches less or no TV. I have not had live TV for 20 years. I have no cable, no satellite, no netflix. I limit using the TV to only watch dvd's of things I want to learn about or enjoy and shows with no commercials. I don't drink alcohol. You are right to keep the mind and spirit clearer, if you want to accelerate spiritual growth. Thanks for sharing and it's refreshing to read your words. Its nice to connect on a mental and spiritual thread of a forum with like minded people. Namaste.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/02/17 12:32:52

    Makes sense that TV keeps people in a "matrix" - I hope its used to decrease carnism.
    Corporations would not encourage obesity, its harmful to their workforce and production, however they are probably not that wise in often being carnist thus empathically disconnected from the most of the planet; quite a weakness.

    If veganism can be considered a spiritual path, would it not be referable to as a biological path? Spirit growth, bio growth. Spirilogical? Words can be like math...

    Mountainmystic, its strange how you comprehend and can write in the same line that I do and that we share two traits; not drinking alcohol and being vegan; someone mentioned to me that you were able to understand what I wrote.... I dont do entertainment either except the seldom visit to a netcafé to game and a movie/documentary - typically about veganism every now and then.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/02/17 20:55:20

    h_o_ rng--Interesting word you came up with, spirilogical. Veganism as a spiritual path can be considered a biological path. Like two roads of thought converging.

    TV keeps people in the matrix for sure. Most corporations care more about money and not people. I realize and work within these parameters. We all make choices to watch the TV box that is wired and programmed to watch us and our watching and buying habits, just like our computers on the internet. So I say, whatever. If the people watching me have that much time and that boring of a life, have at it. I don't care. They will learn a lot and maybe evolve spiritually and mentally. If you haven't seen the movie, The Truman Show, it's well worth it. Its a microcosm example of the matrix we are living in now. Important thing is realizing and being aware. No one can take awareness away, once you have become aware. Fear not as Jesus said. Just face the challenges in peaceful and caring ways. Jesus was simply showing us what,was possible to achieve as a human. I am spiritually speaking, not religiously.

    I comprehend most of what you write. I really have to think when I read what you write. The human mind has so many caves to explore. You are just accessing more of your mind than other people. Just be careful to wear a mental safety harness when you explore the caves. Fear not! Live in the present. Its all that there is.

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