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Forcible feeding can happen by placing someone in an environment hindering them from doing various things such as outside access. This results in them doing something else.
Especially corruptive by harmful food and medication. I ended up watching TV. Vitally different from a retreat such as Plum Village where I am now. (Added part as this was “derailed”). This has harmed me since. Its a bad idea to force someone or manipulate them into a situation...

I have been like stuck in writing since 2011 where my [censored]head aunt called cops on me however proveable reason is. I guess she cant do better with her way of living. Mafia is better than the law system that exists currently (a growing thought in the many past years).

This is also an honest about how i feel. Have been unable to say or even understand that this was feeling before. Suppressed with meds. Still affected the world, those feelings (hear my fear?)

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