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Hindrance and corruption of vegan growth:
The Karma Kagyu center in Hellerup, Denmark - rationalize extremely much on meat being healthy. Its a Buddhist place that practices and preaches compassion, yet eat flesh and told me that to say buddhism and not eating flesh is the same is wrong and they wanted to spread that message:

A result of this:
1. They meditate every day and spread to their local environment that not eating flesh is not compassion; that flesh eating is not a factor in compassion.

2. They meditate every day on karma and spread to their environments that it is not bad karma to eat flesh, despite it being fully possible, without any damage to them or others (relatively speaking) to live solely on greens.

3. They indicate that being healthy for the environment is not compassionate and that being harmful to the environment is not bad karma; remember how much plant material it takes to produce a beef.

4. They affect with and state that it is not bad karma and not uncompassionate to increase plant consumption massively; increasing harvest (both fertilizer, overconsumption in toolmaking and maintenance).

5. Considering plants from for example a native American and my own perspective; then these experience as well: Meaning they spread the idea that it is not uncompassionate to increase suffering and harm to the plant-fauna.

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