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There is a lot of scepticism on fair trade, especially electronics, to what I have experienced. People are ignorant to how their devices come to be. To how their clothes come to be. To how their beef comes to be.

There is a lot of holiness on this matter, spiritual groups speaking on the harm.
Now if we look at the essence, its about the "hidden costs of how things come to be that requires currently atypical awareness".

Leading question:
Do you think its free to become spiritual, for example a monk?

Non-leading question:
What are the hidden costs to becoming a monk or highly spiritual?

In depth question:
When you meditate; all the good stuff happening and so forth. Where does all that goodness come from, the energy to make it happen, the guidance involved and the backland for that guidance?

An uncomfortable truth:
Every time you go buying tools for farming, those tools have been made using at the very least anvils. Those anvils involve non-fair trade items and electronics.
The production of these items involve people dying and people crying not to mention most of them currently farm animals. Alas, even the vegan eco-village partakes in farming animals.

A comforting add-on:
Now think microbiology and interconnection as well as "being up-to-date" and how life brims with microbiology constantly evolving and growing.
Upon being a monk at a monastary entirely self-sufficient, what do you think the microbiological cost is, also in animal bodies and human suffering, to keeping those monks sustainable?
Not that they are necessarily wrong to do so; it can be viewed as a developer environment, however arrogance and hierarchical superiority... I hope are not thinking themselves not to be partaking in life in ignorance or denying it; making it harder to improve the situation.

A very uncomfortable truth:
Its like there is a collective low we need to go through in seeing where we are harming the world and not caring about it while becoming "transformative" in nature. My deep respects to all that have gone through this low already, something I aint so good at to be honest (at least in the moment and it tends to slip away from my awareness).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/22/17 12:53:13

    We live in (Buddhist understanding of the word) Samsara 2.0.... Now the internet is like the new wintery regions where it was impossible to live thrivingly without ingesting meat; the internet is the new the manifestation of the same as geographic area is a manifestation of.

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