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Hey guys,

I launched a campaign on Teespring called "God is Vegan" because I thought it was a very simple and catchy way to spread the message about veganism.

It started out as just a fun idea but then I did a bit of research and came across some "interesting" points made by non-vegans.

Religious vegans: What do you think of God "being vegan" or wanting us to be vegan? Very curious!

P.S. - Totally up to you guys, but if you're a religious vegan and want some cool merch, check out my Teespring. It currently has tees, mugs, tote bags and a sticker for sale. A portion of the profits raised will go towards spreading vegan awareness in underprivileged/food desert filled NYC neighborhoods. If successful I would also like to look into printing on 100% organic cotton garments! If anyone buys anything please tag #godisvegan on Instagram. I'll make a page for it soon!

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    Posted by Rockrose at 01/29/18 10:26:17

    I am a christian and the bible says that the first humans Adam and Eve were only to eat plants same for all animals. God being a spirit does not eat physical food but he did intend all humans originally to be vegan.l won't go into why things are different today it would take to long and that is not what you asked. However as God purposes for us all to be vegan l am sure if he did eat physical food he would be vegan too.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 01/29/18 19:31:27

    I am so against more stuff. However of all the things you could add more stuff to the world of; this is just the right way.

    Indirect minimalism through veganism = fewer kitchen tools, less having to care about washing knives (less water waste), less suffering, less space in stores you take up, less crops, less suffering and having to deal with all the negativity, less transportation and storage issues (microbiological harm from meat), less going to specific stores (although it is an addiction to eat meat and thus a "need").

    Though.... Depicting God and saying God is not deeper than vegan. You also infer that veganism is not pertaining to having a need to ingest matter on this planet unless you depict God massively. Relatively speaking... Its gonna be an issue in the future at some point.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 05:46:37

    In Judaism the first people were vegan and their first recorded human murder is related to animal slaughter. The Books of Enoch are not included in the Torah but are in the Jewish canon or spiritual reference books, whatever they call them, and in there Enoch describes how demons (basically those giant angels who turned against God and corrupted humans in the story of Noah) taught humans to devalue, slaughter and eat animals, as well as teachings humans war strategy and women to wear make-up (I'm guessing the latter implies deception or lies?? Manipulation??)

    Jains are all vegan, they don't even like to step on bugs.

    7th Day Adventists are Christians who are most often vegetarian or vegan, it's both for health reasons and because of the Old Testament stuff I was referring to with Judaism.

    The original Buddhists were all vegetarian before they split into corruption.

    Both Judaism and Islam forbid the eating of certain animals and cruelty to animals.

    Most Gnostic Christians and some Jewish academics believe Jesus was an Essene Jew. They were vegetarian, borderline vegan, and these academics claim that King James mistranslated the word "fish" into the Bible to suit the culture there. Of course we can blame that [censored] Paul in Romans for apologizing for the pagans in Rome eating scores of animals while many early Christians were vegetarians, so there's also that.

    God is vegan. Don't ever doubt it. Much of what is wrong in the world could be fixed by world veganism, it's scary how simple it would be. The world would still be imperfect but "the fallen Earth" and the Earth "groaning under the sins of man" is largely due to animal agriculture.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 06:20:04

    I also realized I left out vegetarian Hindus, Taoists (sects of these religions, not the totality of their numbers) as well as Krishna consciousness (Hare Krishna) who are all vegetarian. The last are a newer sect of Westernized Hinduism, but they don't believe in even eating eggs because it's a potential for life, yet drink milk and eat cheese, I guess because of the Hindu cow thing or maybe just through practicality (I think it became difficult for human civilizations to obtain B12 naturally as the soil became depleted through agriculture and people developed modern hygiene).

    Some Medieval Catholic saints/monks were vegan and I regard that as "proof" people could still get B12 without supplements likely as late as 1300 A.D.

    Most mined cobalt for B12 is actually wasted on cattle farming, ironically. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 03/13/18 12:55:40

    "borderline vegan"... The thing about drinking milk meant for another species is messing up and labeling people thereafter putting drugs in them damaging them massively and their social circles.

    I can describe the "demon rationale":
    This reality is a structuring of energies; much like an ocean making buildings and stuff out of the liquid its made of; forming and altering itself.

    So if this is perceivable as a matrix, parts of our beings stored externally.
    Does not really matter in the end; its possible to exist in this structure and resolve issues other places.

    Like fighting from inside a dream.

    Much like each press of a button in a chatroom sends electrical impulses to various places. From a massively multiplayer role playing game, insides this if jailed or immersed in a virtual reality, one can affect the outside reality; mapping and observing results through generating electrical impulses, increasing usage of electricity in one place or another.

    I think life is a manifestation of the external environment; much like living in the USA or Europe is so innocent (eating meat, the amount of nonfair trade etc.; general inhumanities that our eyes are closed to performing various functions upheld by this infrastructure of hell).

    Stars, planets and all that likely is not exactly all that innocent in nature either (from this idea "vampires" are the kind and good guys). No taking too much sun, no eating too much food as this involves absorbtion of light from the sun; does not come to be magically. Not being greedy...

    Dont be depicting God even in good intention; vegan is an inhumane lifestyle consuming plantflesh (although a lot less in not eating flesh unless a predator, but its not possible to be a vegan if part of the self-regulating aspects of the ecolayer in the "system of life").

    At some point processed foods becomes like the humane version; $variable input becomes food, currently $variable = plant matter (in healthier versions).

    The demon idea:
    Going through a period of pain and suffering (fundamental teaching; a bad intention has a good intention at its core, every time).

    Not of the kind that is going vegan and it being painful in readjusting relationally, shopping etc. and the extra strain this is on a person. Quite important for trust to exist and there not being punishment and fear although better to be seeing things to actually fear; humans and life is advanced, its not possible to hide truths like that, nonvegans typically suppress this (empathy, not connected to animals or the idea that the connection is not there in not seeing it as being there, something like that).
    I tried to say something that got "excessified out"; its a period of suffering to go vegan, painful, yet overall comfortable. Not unlike training?

    Addiction to the "pool of comfort" and not leaving comfort zones; like a baby remaining by its mother and not exploring...

    Hard to of course, if a calf dragged outside its mothers range to be used as "cattle". The safe base lacks.

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