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Hey guys,

I launched a campaign on Teespring called "God is Vegan" because I thought it was a very simple and catchy way to spread the message about veganism.

It started out as just a fun idea but then I did a bit of research and came across some "interesting" points made by non-vegans.

Religious vegans: What do you think of God "being vegan" or wanting us to be vegan? Very curious!

P.S. - Totally up to you guys, but if you're a religious vegan and want some cool merch, check out my Teespring. It currently has tees, mugs, tote bags and a sticker for sale. A portion of the profits raised will go towards spreading vegan awareness in underprivileged/food desert filled NYC neighborhoods. If successful I would also like to look into printing on 100% organic cotton garments! If anyone buys anything please tag #godisvegan on Instagram. I'll make a page for it soon!

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    Posted by Rockrose at 01/29/18 10:26:17

    I am a christian and the bible says that the first humans Adam and Eve were only to eat plants same for all animals. God being a spirit does not eat physical food but he did intend all humans originally to be vegan.l won't go into why things are different today it would take to long and that is not what you asked. However as God purposes for us all to be vegan l am sure if he did eat physical food he would be vegan too.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 01/29/18 19:31:27

    I am so against more stuff. However of all the things you could add more stuff to the world of; this is just the right way.

    Indirect minimalism through veganism = fewer kitchen tools, less having to care about washing knives (less water waste), less suffering, less space in stores you take up, less crops, less suffering and having to deal with all the negativity, less transportation and storage issues (microbiological harm from meat), less going to specific stores (although it is an addiction to eat meat and thus a "need").

    Though.... Depicting God and saying God is not deeper than vegan. You also infer that veganism is not pertaining to having a need to ingest matter on this planet unless you depict God massively. Relatively speaking... Its gonna be an issue in the future at some point.

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