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Vegan Food Forest

There are two systems of agriculture that should converge in any Vegan Food Forest project. The two systems are Permaculture and Natural Farming.

Permaculture clears the land, enriches the soil with compost and plants already growing plant starts like trees for a tree canopy, fruit trees which typically are shorter, large shrubs, small shrubs, root vegetables, vines and medical herbs as a ground cover which makes a self-sufficient zero scape forest of edible plants.

Natural Farming does not till the land nor does it plant existent plants. Natural Farming gathers seeds, uses natural clay and rolls the seeds into clay-seed balls and tosses them on the land to benefit from the coming rain. Natural Farming techniques enrich any Food Forest.

A Vegan Food Forest does not use farm animals nor animal husbandry nor animal products as fertilizers and other aids.

Here are some videos that are on YouTube. If you cut and paste these URLs it brings you to YouTube and displays compilations of videos.

Food Forest

Grow Rice: Natural Farming

Mother India: Cooking in a Food Forest

It is truly Spiritual and Wise to return Vegan Sensibility and Sustainable systems of Vegan Food distribution and to cultivate a correct Vegan Philosophy from these models of interaction with nature. These systems of agriculture and food production are reflections of profound strides having been made in consciousness. Mother India is a reflection of vegetarian Hinduism, Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka who wrote "The One Straw Revolution" grew from vegetarian Asian Buddhism and Taoism and Food Forests have grown from a desire to regrow the Garden of Eden.

Placing these Agri-Food- Philosophy systems into a Vegan Context, by extracting and expressing the vegan aspects of these philosophies and conjoining them under a vegan umbrella lifts them to yet a new higher level of realization.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/01/17 09:08:54

    This is really cool! Thank you for sharing! I'm always interested in new sustainable and vegan methods of agriculture.

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