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I recently read a book Called "Food For the Gods". It discussed the concept of vegetarianism in various religions. I learned that many religious founders and leaders were vegetarian and a lot of religious texts have been changed by priests who ate meat. For example, it is sometimes told that Buddha died from eating undercooked meat when in fact it was a poisonous mushroom because he did not eat meat. It is also said that Jesus ate meat and fish when he was actually a vegetarian.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/10/13 12:03:27

    There have certainly been many religious vegetarians and even vegans, but virtually all religions believe in the concept of human supremacism...that everything on earth exists just for humans. This idea of one species, being, individual, "race", religion, nation, gender, etc., being superior to another has led historically to pretty much all the problems we face today. I go into detail about this in my books.

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    Posted by dodo at 02/03/14 06:49:21

    in my opinion, future is all about veganism.
    consciousness is obviously evolving more and more people just need slight push to transform.
    i believe right now human race is in very primitive state.
    IMO, whole concept of eating is wrong.
    i know this sounds nuts :), but if you have to cause negative energy to feed yourself, you are intaking that negative energy in yourself and that is transforming you.
    this also refers to plants since they suffer if you treat them bad, they scream when you hurt them, they are aware of their surroundings, and if they like you they will grow just to please you.
    universe is full of energy, whoever created us did it wrong.
    i feel guilty eating plants.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/04/14 07:14:42

    Biology tells us that plants do not have a central nervous system or a brain, and thus do not experience pain as do animals.

    That's why nature gives virtually all animals the ability to escape pain and suffering...mobility.
    Plants do not have this ability, because it isn't needed.

    When plants "react" to external stimuli, it's because of chemical and physical changes in their environment.

    We need to eat plants to survive. Most humans do not have to eat animals. No need to feel guilty about eating plants.

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