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My father has been taking antidepressants during a lot of his life.

Worse yet: the usage of these drugs lowers empathy, causing inhumanity and loss of caring in the way they come to be. Trust me on this one, personal experience.

None else could see it.

Still love him. His love is there, just massively suppressed.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/04/17 18:29:46

    Like the sand in hand analogy. By loving your father, you are helping him. Sorry to hear that about your father with the drug and their effect. At least, you are aware of this. Antidepressant drugs do that. They dull the person. The ultimate cure is to get to the root of the depression and then get therapy and keep working on overcoming it and feeling better every day. That's your father's choice. All you can do is really accept it and hope for change.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/05/17 11:28:19

    Good point. Worst is: I know that not being vegan is a major part of his issue:

    Yet he knows that when he opens his eyes he will not take the medication, which he is likely afraid to risk, thus to open his eyes tactically is important - the illusion of being a good person is somehow necessary;; of being in the right

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/06/17 15:49:13

    Being right or feeling the need to be right, and overcoming ones ego are challenging for a lot of people. I agree if he embraced eating vegan and having a vegan lifestyle, he would feel better. Without a good diet, it's a whole lot harder to navigate life clearly.

    A lot of times, we fear change and things that might help us, because we think our life will not be the same. When most times, change yields better things and more awareness. People change when they decide the path they are on, is no longer working. Just my thoughts. See what resonates with you.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/08/17 23:56:09

    Thank you.

    Continuing parts, some parts I let go of, some parts I pick up again.

    My mother and father ain't the connection we between us.

    The connection I feel to my mother, whether in person or distant, has been ruined for years. Decaying every year.

    However this i experience currently, moments ago, feels more like a misuse of this connection to force things to happen or like a calf being separated from the mother. It's nice being able to see this as a vegan. Ain't veganism though, more like the domestication method applied in a different way.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/09/17 22:39:18

    The vegan calf (you) is learning how to accept the decaying connection with the mother. I believe that we often are put on earth and our souls choose to incarnate, and live in families with people very different than us, so we will learn how to accept the differences in people. We all have our own truth. None better or worse. Just is.

    Believe me, I know where you are at. It's not easy, especially when one is a free and open thinker, and a vegan or vegetarian among a biologically connected family of all carnivores. We are not the norm. That upsets the status quo of the carnivore family.

    But you know, I would rather be vegan or vegetarian, and different and live my truth, rather than frustrate myself trying to be like everyone else. In reality, most carnivores see us as determined and commited to better health and well being. Even though they may berate us or make fun or even be mean to us for our non-mainstream choices.

    The vegan calf grows into a cow or bull and is very strong. And becomes more connected with his/her truth.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/26/17 18:42:54

    Fathers love like harpix (the sticky stuff on pine trees etc.). Sand in hand is transforming to animal at animal shelter, carefully re-nearing.

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