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Spiritual experimental cures:

In 2015 I was so fed up with medication produced through animal experimentation. I began pondering how we realistically could change this constructively. The simple solution: Experimental cures that are not preceeded by animals or non-needing subjects. We can quite easily overcome it, we would adapt to this being the case and with all the tech become able to cure things we are not currently.

We are used to our current way, we dont see other options or ways.

So I asked what I refer to as divine to use an experimental cure on me, somewhere where I was needing it without asking for specifics, obviously things not preceeded by animal experimentation.
Sadly I have a feeling something else listened in on a similar non-physical level and messed with me and my life, something I am on the hunt for (its nice how we can repurpose our hunting abilities to hunt sickness and corruption, much nicer than shooting animals with guns and dogs without them having any real chance in the first place - its a bit like the stone age, there's actually a challenge, honor and respect in catching such).

Imagine getting to a fleshfarming advocate lobbying for such things, dragging such a person to a place where he would be healed in the hidden, shown a few things and enlightened a little.

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