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Emotionally making something out of the person I am.

Like a structure; then sending different kinds of liquids through this structure, generating emotion of a kind.

Despite this could be entirely different; depending on the energy moved through it generating an output.

Efficiency is my goal and baseline stream; gotta be functional, that simple. Decreasing unnecessary suffering in reality itself, not limited to this planet solely nor me for that matter.

Production line more visibly:
1. to select from content pool of album

2. selecting an album and indicating from start of album to end.

3. considerations on taking a local copy and if I should bring this to my home, the only reason not to being that I have no need to use the harddrive on the computer.

4. I choose to begin listening instead and begin sharing here as I thought of above.

Noticed as a result of sharing this here (after I began contemplating the production line):
I have this USB thumbdrive that I installed a live linux on; I am going to give this to my mothers siblings that are visiting; linux being made my Linus Torvald, a person from Finland, and the USB device having a fitness guy on it as a printed image (the family is very sporty); I am also taking leave from them. My reasoning; The USB in question helped me to minimalize in the size of it and in considerations and contemplations on linux OS.

Forgetting mentioning a person locally beginning being very noisy in a manner activating a recognized pattern in my being; people from childhood and psychiatric abuse place screaming in anger. I heard something about "this misuse" and stopping it/that its too not okay.

I formulated this harmfully, sorry.

One lesson to learn; exploding in anger makes you useful as a channel for something desiring to tell things etc.; scary thing. Like a security hole getting exploited.

I ended up magically pointing the rageous behavior out in a manner as though me being the causage despite likely only a part or at times ...>

notice that I cannot formulate, that I get hindered, not by my principles of communication or advanced grammar? Something that frankly saves me, I can stop myself.

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