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Its so nice to be vegan...

Considering how political racism affects the pattern of thinking causing racism, also on collective consciousness levels, then being vegan is yet still massively superior:

"Something access some kind of conscious/something that can currently be accessed by adults raping children. This something must be a collective existence of sorts or something that uses the given collectives as a connection point, an energy matrix with behaviors that open a channel.

To put it in creepy cold words; like a layer of water in a roof that "spikes" to connect with something, there may be a connection to drinking from something.

The method sounds similar to Transcendental Meditation.

Every time someone is born it is like a battery being drained, lineages decline over time, eventually there will be a low worse that you can possibly imagine =}

The way people live; their connection with Gaia and with the rest of the world is quite weak; this means a disconnect.
Every child being born carries a "boost" connection relative to the parents; however this system is like a draining battery; with every generation the link weakens (it affects every generation, distributed burden I guess one can say - leaving behind = drain/loss.
"Children are innocent" - untrue, children carry a boosted vitality (a survival system - not the problem).

You can think of refreshing microbiology or you can think of a connection to a consciousness - likely the two are quite coherent regardless. Refreshing microbiology for groups whose microbiological fauna is severely harmed. Know this does not pertain solely to humans.

-- Added note: I doubt it is transcendental meditation, however when I remember the figures I saw while at such a center in 2016, I can sort of see the similarity.
-- If it is the case, well regardless, a lesson I am learning from analyzing this: Be careful where you get your stuff from + something I already knew: Be careful with what meditation you do."

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/25/17 05:15:42

    I would say that this is very unlikely to be transcendental meditation, only the method seems similar in nature.

    The "desire" or "need" may also be causing rape as a more general thing as well as arranged marriages. I would claim this to be a not necessarily intended thing as much as something coming to be on its own.
    Well if you in-factor gods, angels, demons and so forth then there likely exists other beings connected to humans, whom would then be affected by such a method and thus may be cause such things on an intentional level (or even consuming it whether through donations, campaigning (like big meditation even or military campaign) or consuming as in trade).

    Now imagine what happens upon eating flesh, drinking milk, being religious (belief-misuse) and similar. I see that this is a more carefully written thing I have likely been affected to by something wanting to promote caste systems and enforce such methods. Now imagine how disgusting it must be to connect to something as segregated as the caste system; something that is like lobotomy in a way. I ponder if these 7 layers of consciousness has anything to do with the caste; if that is the case I have been deceived into thinking like that years ago and will immediately cease to benefit from this, "benefit" - its not exactly been very much of a healing journey since I encountered that 6-7 years ago when you look at things in the big picture

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/25/17 05:31:18

    Seems I am connected to some hate of the caste system and misused to communicate this; the caste system is much like the domestication of other beings, causes a "pure-breeding".
    However this may create particular cultures and ways of being that may be a indeed much like a lobotomy and dividing of consciousness, I would not say a healthy thing quite on the contrary.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/27/17 22:49:02


    This random string inspired me like this:

    5 letters to f and 5 letters from g -> m in the roman alphabet.

    fg = foie gras
    meta-A -5> fg -5> m
    m = integrity/just fix it/do it without building on rationale.
    CC = antivira (CCleaner).

    antiviral focus on foie gras, change the situation and just do it without exploring/increasing rationale/dynamical understanding (application rather than improving/expanding/etc. understanding), also inspiring of "antivirus" meaning viral thinking.

    Simple really:
    Stuff a being with food to that extent and its stomach processes the bio-matter in a not very efficient manner; frankly creating a closed environment that is unable to clean itself well resulting in a severely harmful transformance of microbiology (microbes, vira etc.) and worse yet layers growing within the environment (stomach) generating unhealthy bacteria. A home that is not cleaned is better, a lot better, as this is increasingly self-cleaning; a stomach can be like a lab and is filled with both nourishment for bacterial growth and there is a comfortable 37*C heat so perfect for growing microbiology infecting bodies at the same temperature. (Are all the beings from the dinosaur era, surviving the wipe, coldblooded bioorganisms?).

    Who the heck ever said a person affiliated with medicality and biology should not be vegan and that an investment cant be worth it, huh? MF'ers claiming me to be a resource cost.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/12/17 12:38:36

    ‪HR should be HLR: Human Labor Resources. Unless of course humans microbiological health are used to destress some layers, like dripping./tapping into sources of health. For example cultural groups with "fresh batches of children" - the linealers being drained.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/09/17 22:03:51

    So, confirming that i have no idea whether TM does this, only that the method as described reminds me of this visual-model like; and like a mosquito.

    One thing though; there is a lot of interest in TM being working; it brings a lot to the table. This means a lot of desire.

    This includes external affect on TM; like pushing with outside affect simple observing whether the TM produces more value or loses production of value.
    This can involve changing the whole TM movement and thus the TM (does over time regardless).

    Remember this does not work magically and microbiological flows would be a part of it like any other practice; what I try to communicate is that if the TM movement is misused, there is a likelihood that the TMeditation can be corrupted into gaining affect through children. This may include calves (cows children) as milk is drunk by the movement (connecting flow). It’s like a security hole in TM. Do remember that the same is the case not only for other meditative arts however any kind of performance (sports, work, toolmaking, romance, talking... I am trying to say anything you do or do not do (not doing means something else happens with the freed up resources)). It’s a universal security hole, however the desire for the production is high (this happens with everything...).

    Quite obviously not intentionally nor desiring to. Most of us probably benefit one way or the other temporarily and similarly suffer not specifically at the children’s suffering; at the child abusers suffering.

    To say; TM does not do this is the closest I can get with an either or, however it’s likely gaining from such sources (vegetarianism however its not a vegan movement).

    Better than the rest of the World and how things run around in general. The movement faxes the same issue I did; what it tries to accomplish of fantastic things comes at too great a cost thus it’s generally hindered (lacking fair trade electronics available, lacking healthier production lines not made anew or produced (even if it’s a recycling process not produced) in a harmful way)...

    How the hell do I leave this reality? However dying won’t work, drugs won’t work and generally it seems like there is no way away ... I really want to partake in this world becoming beautiful and fantastic however I have no idea how to do this from inside. Like a [censored]ed up country where you have to go to another before it’s possible to improve the situation - that’s the feeling I have even though I know it’s untrue; I can improve things by improving/bettering/healing my own way and as I accomplish this eventually I may be able to evaluate where I can actually truthfully improve the situation.

    Meditation won’t solve the situation either, however is a way of doing that can improve the situation. Won’t get out of this reality using meditation either....

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