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One of these things that wont be a happy thought to "buddhist" thinking (going by the notion that Buddhism does not actually exist as it is a self-defeating concept in Buddha saying the "self" (including collective self) is an illusion:

So once humans were in the wintery regions and had settled in... Meat farms were bound to become; as the broad-scale domestication began (including of humans, looking at things in the greater picture).

Now we have the internet; this is much like the humans in the wintery regions. Its there and we cannot delete it, nor will we. We are the internet, to an extent, we cannot lay it off: Even if this involves massive non-fair trade consumption, partial slavery and massive fleshconsumption to maintain. Wiping out the internet is not possible; just like humans in wintery regions were not wiped out or could be. The next stage has begun.

We better increase healing; I see a dark future looming.
Doomsday sayers; What wishful thinking....

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