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There is a spiritual problem plaguing our vegan community. Vegan atheistic feminism seems so modern and avant-garde as though it were the last word in enlightenment and compassion. I have found instead such practitioners of these values as narcissistic, selfish, aggressive, and rude. They want to espouse their flawed philosophy in a loud, dominating manner that suppresses free speech. They want to rub everyone’s nose in any criticism of their beliefs as though countering them is wrong. There is no wisdom, compassion nor enlightenment in atheism; these are Buddhist concepts and Buddhism is not an atheistic philosophy. What atheistic vegan feminism offers is an irrational view of reality based on a misinterpretation of science, Marxism, and veganism. They seek to desecrate culture, religion, and the enormous accomplishments of men to couple this with the only moral stance in their platform which is veganism. This is an abuse of the vegan way of life, promoting sugar coated poison at the expense of true vegan values.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/07/17 11:55:12

    And you still claim to never insult people?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/08/17 08:06:01

    I simply remarked about an insulting philosophy. No specific people were mentioned nor implied.

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    Posted by herwin at 01/13/17 11:56:07

    saying nothing with a lot of words. religious intolerant opresive crap.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/14/17 01:26:44

    Oppressive has two p's. In case you do not understand, that is "PP," which fits in well with your last word on this topic. I do not know if this is a sublimated statement or simply that your mother never taught you manners concerning word usage but I will continue to address you in spite of the vulgarities.

    A lot was said with few words. Try addressing them.

    This discussion shows the intolerance of Vegan Atheist Feminism. If you choose to view Vegan Atheist Feminism as a religion, and certainly it does seem cult like, then make your argument.

    I mentioned Buddhism in passing, but only to show how Vegan Atheist Feminists plagiarize. Besides, Buddhism is not a religion.

    Perhaps you should read the topic.

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    Posted by herwin at 01/14/17 15:17:09

    1. you start replying by pointing out a spelling misstake with a childish 'that is PP' followed by an even more uncreative and dullish remark about my mother.
    2. wisdom, compassion and enlightment are not unique buddhist concepts.
    3. you started using the R word, not me.
    4. you seem a very intolerant, childish, immature, oppresive, frustrated, know it all, white middle class male, who reads too many books but doesnt have a clue.
    5. but you are a vegan so you are a swell guy in my book.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 01/14/17 20:52:41

    1. The 'R' word is a word. It was used correctly to describe a cultural pattern not a person.

    2. You are the one to use potty mouth words. You need to clean up your act. Your mother definitely needs to know!

    3. You have misjudged me completely but may have revealed yourself entirely.

    4. I don't know what you ate to make you so insulting.

    5. How do you know anything about Buddhism and can speak for it at all?

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