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I ask for forgiveness for my part in the sacrifice occuring of animals to experimentation. The world got high on me. There's no magical karma involved, I was likely born into the situation.

Now consider the illusion of absolute karma again and that there exists a beginning, even to a cycle.

By the way I wrote a lot more, however it magically ended up deleted, I had not "The money" for that.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/01/17 22:06:16

    For having been forced on medication.

    And frankly even tried some kind of pill during teens, although not the same kind or situation. Well everyone is allergic to medication of any kind produced through especially and tested from animal experiments. Most humans have taken med during their life, however several months, years even is worse. A lot.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/01/17 22:14:48

    I should probably not have kids, considering the amount of poisoning. I resent the psychiatry for this. Deeply.

    That will have to be "low chance of it becoming a possibility". Temp sterilisation woohoo... I can even live fair trade, support local only, minimalist, vegan, not eat in sugar, oil, salt etc. Deny myself most luxury and still say this with integrity. It's like Buddha and his excess over again. Who the hell would want to be a boddhisvata.... It's gonna take time to heal even enough for sex, however much I hate to say this.

    I'll be busy with companies and earning money, [censored] you all whom want psychiatry, animal experiments, forcible treatment and similar to be there. overall just no, and from there things can grow. I resent the psychiatry more than you might imagine. Worse yet, my brother has downs syndrome and depends on pacemakers. No wonder hinduists pre-emptively hated on handicapped people. Though they hit themselves. While belief can be healthy, belief misuse exists also...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/02/17 00:41:48

    My part in it all: I tried to end fear hierarchy ie. "The game" with the game itself/domination with deeper domination. Pointing out what there already is to be afraid of, so it's not quite the same actually. Only issue: that was pertaining to how I was, things changed and I began using these means for myself, tactically, after the experience at the psychiatry. Thus selectively showing rather than objective presentation; to achieve safety from the psychiatry. I think it's going quite well. I do however need to go by both layers and make the difference clear.

    Probably feels awesome yet is not that atypical, applying the method on itself. I got farmed. It's impressive how much we humans can do once we can relate.

    Only a lot of caring is also necessary, you have to care about others in the first place first; loving and knowing people and generally others to be worth caring for, also when far away. I sort of lost this to an extent.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/02/17 00:59:42

    Well only for humans and earthly beings as well as what forced me into this situation or let go when I really needed it; manifested itself in my behavior. Perhaps stupid to hold something up when going down yourself and perhaps not; the link can be important. I have this principle: keep the healthy up, while its it's there I can get back up even if I die, and it'll be there for my parents, siblings and humans. Sounds a bit like a father whom makes the child sacrifice himself, after all then he will still be there, that I ain't gonna uphold. More like upholding the divine sparks in the world.

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