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Today there exists situation different from what did at the time of Buddha.

He was safe, had no enemies, with the way he lived.

Today torture and punishment is not the sole threat.

Being perceived as insane, even in a vow of silence as a mute, is a threat.

A Boddhisatva today would not be unbound by the dynamics when Buddha was. I am not inferring myself a boddhisatva; a such would not be satisfied.

A soldier in war would without antiseptic available be able to use his urine as a sterilizing agent on a wound; however this requires that the soldier live healthily enough relative to the home environment; the first world being in severe biostrain. The wound can be corrupting more than healing.

Above means that Buddhism is losing power, strength as is compassion and understanding such as non-fear and not terrorizing. Its important to be vegan, monks cannot uphold the world in the same way these used to.

The number of people named "Khan" in the middle east invokes, every time mentioned, the memories of "Ghenkhis Khan" and his greatness; ego growth causing this to take effect and the desire to be like he.

This means a growth in terrorism, something that results in more terrorist attacks; after all fear-control was a main practice of the mentioned general.

Its a simple dynamic. I dislike people I care for being harmed and the world being made a worse place. Whether I get reborn here or elsewhere I will still be affected by the growth of earth and how life forms. A friend of mine ending send back to areas causing issues for "1st world"/Europe/west is not an option; I do not like terrorism growing; causes issues with parenting (not an issue for me though, only from my parents as I am getting sterilized), jails and generally makes living a worse circumstance; something I will be doing for quite a while unless I end up dying which could happen, a car could hit me, you never know, however my civologics are in order so I guess not (right lane on the sidewalk, serenitization).


I like Buddhists btw, except when these hinder me in contacting a lightworker that healed me, whom I want to get healed by again.
She said I would go to Tibet, more likely local affect by a very fantastic buddhist center started by, you know, a dane. A tibetan lineage, such pride.

I write above and suddenly my memory clears up, her name easier to remember.......

I really like Buddhists and Buddhas work.

This is a simple truth:
Buddha had horsecarts, we have spacerockets (to deal with); imagine the cost in animal bodies to a spacerocket (I like astronomy and space rockets, just not by animal bodies).
Its a good idea with the civologics of healthy transportation lines; when flying doing so in a manner causing less need for airplanes and thereby decreasing the burden of the infrastructure (so fantastic with those roads, wasnt it Hitler?)

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 03/09/18 16:46:55

    I realize this became a bit strange, my apologies. Its like uncooked vegetables or not heated over 42 degrees.

    I do not think myself to be connecting to Hitler sharing this, its more a casual manner of communicating; in the frame this rather normal manner of saying something ends up sounding magical and strange, possibly insane, though.

    There is something interesting that came from this though:
    The real horror remembered as the person Hitler; I think you eat him every day. Oh, I forgot, you are at least vegetarian in here.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 05:25:19

    Some Buddhists eat meat though. There is a schism in Buddhism that has existed for centuries. In fact I have a friend who is sort of like a meat eating Buddhist in that she only buys beans and tofu to eat at home but if someone else offers her meat she'll take it. I've seen this attitude in many flexitarian apologists. They're usually humanists, in that they are more concerned with being polite to other people than doing what is right always.

    As for Hitler, the idea of him being "vegetarian" is propaganda that was meant to make him look better in a time when people greatly admired Ghandi, who really was vegetarian. Interestingly, many Jews who survived the Holocaust became vegetarians, one very outspoken survivor is actually the creator of the PETA campaign comparing factory farming to the Holocaust. I suspect this is why there are more vegans in Israel, per capita, than any other nation in the world.

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