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When the Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree to be enlightened, Sujata, a young maiden, was walking to the forest to make an offering from her Aarti tray to the Forest Deva. Aarti trays have Sindoor, Sandalwood, beads, Tulsi, rice and coconuts with coconut milk. If she offered milk from her Aarti tray it was coconut milk. After enlightening, the Buddha’s first act as an animal rights activist, was to stop all animal sacrificing worldwide.

The Buddha and his men begged daily from their own community for vegan food. When they were in a foreign town, they relied on the Buddha’s all-knowing enlightenment to find houses to beg from that would offer vegan food. Realizing this was a major problem in some towns, the Raja, or local king, would offer to have a vegan banquet for the Buddha and his men to overcome this dietary obstacle. No one would ever think of putting meat in a holy man’s begging bowl. To do so would break taboos and be an act of a perverse mind. Should anyone do such an ignorant thing, the monks would throw it in the fire for cremation.

There was a time when the Buddha's back hurt so they served him coconut milk. Cow milk is not a cure for a bad back, but coconut milk is a folk remedy for kidney problems. No one would serve the Buddha, the greatest of holy men, animal products. It was unthinkable.

When the Buddha died, according to first hand witnesses of the Hindu Buddhist community, it was due to drinking unclean water where wagons passed over to clean their wheels. The monks did not know that the water was unclean and it gave the Buddha dysentery. This was a common means of death in the old days.

After his death, many did not want anyone else to reach the heights of the worshiped Buddha and so they introduced meat eating into the cultural practices to ensure the Buddha would be the only one who would be seen as the Enlightened One. Also, by introducing meat eating, revenues increased to build their palaces and monasteries.

Om Vegan Buddha Namaha.

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