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Renewable energy through renewable fuels (biofuels: Corn etc.).

The biomaterial produced to be used as biofuel is grown using fertilizer.
That fertilizer stems (at least often) from fleshfarms etc.
Is it then more renewable and more green to use biofuels, when it involves heavy incitement for fleshfarming and increasingly locking us to use animals as farming-objects?

-- Oil came to be through beings dying and living over many many millenia, however it was more "humane" even if applying the word human seems like a strange ownership notion. (notice the marking: [Farming beings is horrible and unjust]).
Perhaps a VR for immersement in the conditions of a being in a fleshfarm would make sense? As fair trade, eco- and otherwise civological as possible (w/o perfectionism) would yield higher quality.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 09/28/17 10:40:58

    Fleshfarms means more antibiotics meaning more microbiology resistant to our methods meaning more inhumanity in increased disease levels. Its indirect and less obvious yet harmful. Solar cells ftw, even if not as easily fair trade available...

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