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Drugs (legal and illegal) are used to create enclosed environments for development and particular thinking.

Much like a lab; the drugs change the brain chemistry and severs specific bonds in various places, as such create an increasingly sterile and controlled environment.

People can be "milked/farmed" in a manner where one part does horrible things/not nice things and the other part evaluates it to not be nice (sorting):
The evaluations of what is "wrong and right" are useful and quite a few collectives live off of these.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/16/17 17:44:53

    People make choices to take or use legal or illegal drugs. Therefore, one can only be milked or farmed if one allows oneself to be. Make sensible and rational choices.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/18/17 01:23:37

    I'd be interested in seeing correlations between times where experiments on particular beings are being performed and the suffering of patients at mental hospitals, using big data.

    ... "If one allows oneself to be"....

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/25/17 20:26:48

    Making someone think from the perspective of being from the future and calculate/think from that angle; this uses a complete immersement in the belief of being from the future.
    I guess the calculative method can result in someone identifying with being from the future as their minds may be convinced of this due to the unlockment of the mind that they are unused to, the idea growing and in a retrospect w/o the same mindcapacity only picking up on parts.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/26/17 10:41:23

    I think parts of your brain and mind have been unlocked. You may be thinking sometimes that you are living in the future. Just try to stay focused in the present moment. Don't dwell on the past or get lost in the future. Just focus your mind on what's important to do and learn today.
    The mind needs to be rested often.

    Try auming. Sing the word aum 3 times and take in deep breaths before each.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 10/29/17 13:37:16

    The pretending universal educational system, a single centralised system although no human governing, is like a zombie wanting to eat brains. Mine seemingly is a particularly wanted kind, it's creepy.

    I have unlocked my brain in the past many years indeed. Actively focused on enabling myself to participate, norm-existence is incompatible and frankly life is screwed on its current trajectory.

    I do not think myself to live in the future, I merely realise that I ain't disappearing, ever, and even I get reborn on an entirely different plane, earth's effect will reach me eventually. I have this life and I intend to make the most of it.

    PS, I am not "it" or "life" - these two refer to the biological and post-bio-intelligence/life fauna that we call nature, having sprung from the oceans even if perhaps altered around volcanoes, despite it only being a nature. I am a being that is currently a part of "life"(nature) during this lifetime (my body), I do not know if till I die however I assume so in my body being reliant on the biological environment except if I somehow ascend, which I do not know if can happen or will happen.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/02/17 00:29:26

    I sometimes get these kinetic flashbacks; like kinetic memory rather than visual memory.

    I sort of doubt that I do.. I hope not at least. It's nice to be vegan. Their model is unsustainable anyway; like attempting to achieve health by going deeper in a way that increases the need to go deeper evermore.

    Like if we have a bad situation; we try to solve it by killing and raping, generating hate towards us in quelling the harm, resulting in even deeper hatred and more to fight off: Its like getting harvested for methods and will to keep going and not improving on fundamental levels, where the real necessity is.

    We try to resolve a condition by increasing the baseline disease; causing an even deeper condition. like providing a cure by making a deeper illness, needing an even deeper cure: ever increasing incitement. Like an enslavement mechanism.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/12/17 17:00:56

    Want to know about bipolarity? It's nice to be vegan.... The bipolar lock: seeing negativity and solving problems: a production method. Using beings as tools...

    A dysfunctional family pattern, for all of you reading this as well, whatever level this exists on.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 11/20/17 22:36:41

    Dysfunctional family (everything is family) pattern:

    It would seem that we get sorted on a mind level, responses during the day used to construct a particular perception of self; generating a feeling of having failed.

    Like a a lock on our being, making us moldable in generating an idea, a feeling, that we failed. Something observed on collective emotional levels creating an idea of how a person is; the illusion ending up enforcing the situation and causing the person to become so.

    Controllable. The idea of being weak in soul, being sick and corrupt. Having been placed in a situation creating a specific choice; the illusion of choice being used (is the heroin addicts will not bound by the heroin?).

    Disrespect of perception:

    Causing untruth to grow, mistrust, dysfunctional decision making; something that corrupts us on a very deep level messing with our ability to decide (the universe is a very small part of reality).

    The lock also mutates and locks various other functions, indirectly over time. Some intended some not. A result of this is that what causes this is easy to use to insert various locks and cause indirect mutations in our being.

    This type of control is a security hole, rather harmful. The main point is that upon insertion of an alteration to lock down behavior, other things can be introduced through this “smaaaaaaart” alteration, a result is desperat alteration.

    Its like a moron hacker having gotten their hands on an advanced vira, using this where instructed possible, however these instructions indicating wanted places to target where a hidden Vira unfolds itself, even for programmers able to read the code, resulting in targeted mutations occurring various other places.

    Blackhatting... Including organized by national agencies, there is always, always, something more stupid and worse.

    Imagine the amounts of code written in the vira sent to computers and how these contain patterns easily trigger able by introducing new Vira that activate this code in new ways.

    Emotional hacking is what I described above, well more than that. I don’t quite see what and I don’t need to, it’s plenty to understand that it’s a really bad idea to black ha - however organized and traditional, whether excusable or not, whether to sort and cause work to come to be.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 11/20/17 23:54:19

    Now can you summarize what you wrote above in non-abstract lay person's terms? Otherwise, it's very hard to understand. I know your mind is a wandering minstrel of sorts, and I try to reread what you wrote. But we the people, whom you are trying to reach out for a response have difficulty understanding. Remember you have to speak on your audience's level. Communicate clearly and more people may respond or may not.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/08/17 19:07:15

    ‪Danes are forced into education.
    There is this social benefits system where one gets money. This involves being pushed into education. Because of this we have become accustomed, like conditioned, into relying on this. Parents don’t give their children money or support them into work; the whole society does this and drive those trying to get away into education. Processing us. We, due to school, have been so severely programmed that we cannot even think freely enough to communicate a no to education when we are saying no in so many ways.

    We are literally enslaved into a very standardized educational system.
    I havevthis feeling it has to do with our dairy usage; after all we get milked through text and content we provide.

    Remember that there is microbiological streams as well.

    I have taken distance from this and suddenly I end up this week at a place remotely connected to the danish public school system. As I look through my emails, the content and go through my habits this gets observed and digested - control gained through information by a particular (microbiological stream)culture. ‬I am vegan (but it’s so good) and I end up in this place that uses dairy fitting every other requirement. It’s like I end up here to be milked just in a different way.

    I mean this seems insane, right?
    Just look at it.
    See that if people here read what I have written it will also be viewed as an unfriendly action despite that I really like the people here. I guess a male kept from females of his compatability elsewhere would be attracted regardless - this as a metaphor for the place and people here. It ain’t real or free choice when hindered from meeting others.

    Remember to infactor the existence of non-physical beings and similar to beings by default in these writings. It’s obvious to me like the moon is obvious to any person today.

    It seems any group/endeavour that gains real credibility is latched onto and drained; every religion and today education...
    I’ll stick with the only real science being what is referred to as such (physics, math, biology etc).

    Pre-human origin, what has been doing all this for thousands of years to us. I assume extra-material (not alien as this infers other-planetary) and unlikely being/s in our understanding of a being yet seemingly happily draining life and this universe for health and functionality.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/12/17 15:33:09

    My GPA is not exactly good... It’s the whole elephants and monkeys evaluating on ability to climb trees

    I.e. evaluating two unique points on the same basis seemingly in the expectation of performing the same function indicating farming post-grading/milking in a standard way. The grades being judging very specific factors (motivating the growth of these as well) for milking through grinding data through specifically grown points in a mind.

    More so it’s judging performance of different individuals yet with a similar foundation (and growing that sameness), however only on very specific points.

    Generally; grading needs to describe attached to what functionality it’s scoring on. As well as what groups is grading and also what desire is involved in the grading.

    Just quit milking, it’ll help on things...

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 12/12/17 23:35:58

    Education in US is much the same. Standardized boiler plate template teaching. It's how they keep the masses from thinking for themselves. Just learn what you can and get a degree. GPA is non important to me. I hire scientific and adminstrative people based on how they can think for themselves and good work ethic. Don't be discouraged. Do your time and get the diploma. It's what you do with that knowledge.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/13/17 15:12:22

    We humans are bred, grown in family units and connected to central administration (school and other institutions). It’s the system we construct around us, as we eat meat, eggs and dairy. We ourselves can change this by something as simple as going vegan.

    Also healthy for the soul; we continue existing even when we die; whom would want a soul that would accelerate negativity? That would worsen the existing situation? Consider the chances you give yourself also in the next life - it’s never too late to begin...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/14/17 22:59:55

    This creepy me out.

    The malperception the children are fed, the twisting and disrespect of perception. I guess I was put through this myself...

    First; the rationalization caused by “healthcare” especially psychiatry as to what is healthy and unhealthy manifests itself in how children are treated.

    Second; the fleshfarming and woolfarming manifests itself in farming of humans. The “farmer had a farm” and “had some pigs” is incorrect as most often it is the case that the farmer has been put in charge of a farm and administrates some pigs. Even if in the illusion/disrespect of perception that he owns the farm, that it’s his free choice/liberty (the word freedom in Danish sounds like sentence, a more fitting perception) where the reality I see is that on some level he is moved there to perform some work (typically the surface work is just one layer to it. Methods etc. grown is more it).


    Want to change this? Transform the structures you exist in, your way of existing in the world for the way one place affects other places.

    Also try to see past the self-manipulation and locking in attempt of me by claiming that I have no ownership of items, my body, where I live etc. It’s the layer of it you should look at; that what I described is a layer that always existed (likely before civilization/farming stage growth and pre-human life even).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/15/17 08:00:56

    Milking can also be applied on humans in hindering these from having children and essentially “milking” what would otherwise have been transferred to kids.

    Children is also a deeper thing than this universe; you connect in a unique way.

    Not always a bad thing not to have kids, however I for one won’t “drink” any such extraction. The energies can be channeled into something that none benefit from here and that improves your next round of having children in something different than the universe. It’s possible in some way, that I am certain of.

    I apologize for the manipulation involved in this text... However I’m quite serious; milking happens in many ways, I’ve definitely been “milked”, it’s not exactly enjoyable.

    Even if people drink milk it ain’t acceptable to do to them; that just becomes an excuse to use them.

    I wonder if monks are reborn as cows being milked... Sort of doubt it... (I’m under heavy manipulation to have children currently).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/15/17 08:17:29

    Having kids though... like being bred...

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/16/17 07:40:12

    I feel like conflict is being caused in my family, causing us to be milked, yet this is also a hindrance of me writing - closing in on something. Typically many layers to the same situation.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 12/18/17 12:45:03

    A major hindrance of veganism is the fear of vegan doctors as these would spot thing easier (microbiological cultures branching through human bodies).

    This would make it harder to breed humans in it being harder to censor sterilization for individuals.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 01/20/18 10:05:25

    A method observed in psychiatry;

    “Voicehearing groups”
    Individuals act as intuitive channels, unpaid, made to analyze input and essentially feeding it to controllers.

    Telepathy does not exist; however using words in my mind I can generate an energetic output that you can pick up on and put words on in your mind, even if unlikely to be the same words/meaning.

    This means that upon an individual being inspired in a particular way, the wording can become involuntary - “a voice”, this voice can generate output in a person; creating like a VPN system.

    PS I did not suffer hearing a voice till I came into contact with psychiatry and it’s gotten better as I have increased the distance to this. It can indeed be infectious; however a mind needs to be weakened for example with heavy drugs (like something inducing highs of mindfulness as done by psychiatry) - like breaking down an immune system.

    A recycling of this situation;
    Paying for attendance to such groups (pay what you want + standard price + postdonation - in that order).
    Initial drug inducing and then lower dosage; payment in cash for more.
    Increased payment for those living a healthier lifestyle (vegan etc. - quality is simply higher),
    Rather than attaching addictive to situation, temporarily boost with eco, vegan, fair trade etc. enabling sustainable and permanent improvement.

    Another stabilization of psychiatry; division of power. There is no law, no oversight, no judge, no advocates - only a psychiatrist, his decision (too heavy/dysfunctional responsibility also) and then the outliving of this. Like a king.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/20/18 15:53:09

    If you can maintain your vegan diet and healthier lifestyle, you can continue to build your awareness. Awareness will help you to reach higher consciousness. And from that state of mind, one can be one with all that is. Think if it as vegan oneness with all life.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 01/29/18 19:20:31

    Vegan is not oneness with all life, more is required for that. Look to native americans and caring for trees to learn more.

    Regarding drugging going on by psychiatry; Though now that you mention it they were sort of hidden and not speaking so loud about those drugs and asking me to keep quiet about it, indirectly. Scaring me with consequences (socially and more).

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/04/18 13:08:15

    A fear hierarchy; individuals are afraid of the negativity directed towards them thus begin jailing people.

    The result is like a 3D object; within is (think scary darkness) and around it is prisonguards keeping within this darkness - taking from what is outside that is light and happy; turning it into darkness.

    Now this means a constantly increasing strain from within, negativity and hatred towards what is causing the suffering; the "fear controlling" aspects "ruling" out of fear. A negative affect; the prisonguards pretending to be innocent and "keeping the danger away" when these are the causage for the very danger.

    However these prisonguards; constantly having to come up with new ways, methods and manipulation to stay the most powerful - whipped by the hatred and negativity directed towards them - produce.

    Try applying the perception of harvest on this structure:

    None wants to help them, none wants to care for them, these are hated and despised and constantly needs to deceive to retain control over what would destroy them if getting the chance to be free and able to enjoy existing. -- see the caring/partial "saviorism trait"? Its nice being vegan. Still true though.

    Harvested for methods by having to constantly invent, run and do things to retain power.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/05/18 13:16:42

    Distributing burdens onto individuals and continuous processing of ideas/thoughts/microbiology/etc.

    Like "leaning on"; as in heartwise - preying on the burden distribution system we have - forwarding burdens/situations onto another person.

    Sometimes through people onto other people, indirectly.

    Indirect leaning on:
    If I for example stop letting my fathers siblings lean on me - or my mothers - then these might be leant on by the same; then they begin leaning on me and thus the same lean on me indirectly.

    Conquering: Like being on toilet just heart-wise. Gotta get to the point of being able to though.

    Drugs/gaming/etc. used to pacify your perceptual ability - the ability to see that you are being used; thereby you keeping lifting stuff for others in not being able to realize that you should stop lifting others burdens (to that extreme). Generally anything to keep you from realizing that you are being used.

    The method is essentially blocking you from stopping processing something specific; keeping processing something particular. Stomach wise this could be achieved by hindering particular movements by triggering the stomach through only particular/select intake for a while.
    Mind wise/intellectually similarly..

    Its like triggering a females womb to produce the bioprotection a newborn child comes with (these cry for a reason upon contact with the environment external to the womb; the microbiological environment) and using this for other purposes. Or a cow to produce mothers-milk ingested by humans (meat and dairy anonymous is relevant here)

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/23/18 19:28:21

    Taking drugs -> psychiatric drugs -> sharing interesting things with psychiatric handler i.e. being farmed after a period of freedom/slaughtered/matter (knowledge) extracted like is done to cows for their mothers milk.

    Its so sufferable; might be microbiological or something like that. I do not accept going through such a process.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 04/16/18 18:42:34

    During contact vvith psüchiatrü I began presenting rnüself as insane vvilinglü; not caring hovv the content looked just that I got it out there. Regardless of personal benefit or vvorldlü benefit.

    Indicating that sornething I provided vvas interesting and desired; probablü self analüsis or sornething like that. "I got helped along the vvaü"; like a covv being done to the extraction to get its rnilk rneant for the calf (or in rnü case not children but definitelü not psüchiatrü either. A nevv perspective on forcible sterilization)

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