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How would you feel if you all magically ended up in an old apartment with no insulation and brick walls, however a wooden floor. No fireescape. Quite far to the ground (at least breaking bones-height). Apartment door with the need for keys to open from the inside and another building door with a need for a key to open from the inside also. Both quite massive although the apartment door has glasspanels that could be broken down.

Now add to that a seldom firestove.
Add to that electric wiring a wee bit homemade.

Now imagine receiving a command essentially "burn it down" - not exactly a voice in the head, more like a feeling, even if it can be put words on.

This is the situation I live in and I have no money to fix it. Now imagine the stress my parents are on whom bought this apartment while I, so to speak, was very much blacked out on the ground - suddenly having to juggle also moving themselves and quite a few other things all at once.

Its just nice to not waste wood on something as unnecessary as a firestove in an apartment with radiators.... Those candles may be made of animal-made glycerine also. Its also nice not to be harming ones lungs as these after all are quite valuable, also to the world; a human body takes quite a lot to come to be and be sustained, speaking from a gaian non-humancentric perspective.

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