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Feminism is not "equalism" - its pro-females.
When it turns into "female superiority" that affects the core of "superiority of one element out of several in a system". If that turns into "its okay to use males"; that results in "its okay to use animals".

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/04/17 17:42:28

    You like to jump into the hornets nest. I agree that neither females, males, or animals should be used, as you use the word. Its been pro male on earth for years and years. Females and women have been suppressed by the male dominated societies for thousands of years. In a utopian or egalitarian society, which I hope we have soon in Earth, there would be equalism and no human or animal would be given perceived superiority or viewed as being superior over another.

    I don't have a problem with feminists. My best friend is one. She doesn't use me or others. She's just standing up and being strong in her identity. I respect her. She respects my strong male and personality. Just my thoughts.

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